Why Don’t Men Get Married with Beautiful Single Women?


Whether you are a man or a woman, you meet your partner at the bars or at free dating sites, you need to know the truth that most men don’t want to get married with beautiful single women. Whether you meet a guy at these dating services, you should learn about these dating tips.

Beautiful Single Women

Beautiful Single Women

Everyone around us wants to marry a beautiful looking partner. Every single man or woman wants that his or her partner very good looking. But nowadays, things have changed and so is the attitude of single men towards marriage. Usually single men do want to marry a single woman who is very good looking. But for past few years, this good-looking quality has created many problems after marriage. This is the reason that now single men choose a single woman who not very beautiful but an average looking. But they’re no single reason that can define this problem. The list has many of them. Let us have a look at some of them.

Firstly, we talk about the teenage of the girls. The teenage comes with many wonderful experiences. This is the time, when a girl realizes what it has and how to attract the boys towards her. And if the girl is very good looking and has a sex appeal in her, then she is more tending towards having her sex experiences at a very early age. But having it in teenage, sometimes makes it an addiction and once she is addicted to it, she keeps on continuing such things and can be dangerous. So, it’s better to choose an average girl who has comparatively short list of previous affairs. Teenage is such that everyone has his or her first affair. But these things do matter during marriage. After marriage, you are not just physically tied up with each other, but also emotionally. One should be emotionally and physically faithful to their partner. For this, if anyone one has a past life, it should be forgotten. This means that you should be able to rectify the mistakes in the past life. This is not easy when you are having too many affairs. Many American singles and international single women and men don’t know about this secret.

Another thing is beauty always attracts crowd. If your wife is very beautiful, she will always attract crowd towards her and not all of them in the crowd praise her with good intensions. Also, getting married with a very good-looking wife can create a problem of inferiority complex in the husband. People always keep on praising her in front of the husband and some even say that she deserves better than you. This comment is not very easy to digest for any husband. And once he keeps on hearing it again and again, hampers the trust and relation shared between the couple finally leading their happy married life towards divorce.

Imagine you guy friends praising your wife for her beauty at every meet; and if she is free to every one she is talking with, there is a big problem. No matter how much open minded a husband is, you always hesitate to show your 100% trust n your life partner. And after marriage, husbands become extra cautious about their friends keeping contacts with their wives. And if the above-mentioned incident is happening, then this leads to breaking up the relation between the wives and also between him and his friends. These and more reasons are there that restrict the single men from marrying to beautiful women and that’s the reason why every single man seek an average looking single woman.

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  1. Dan, you are selfish, man. Are you trying to scare all of us men in the USA? come on, man, not every Western woman is like that. Some are very good. I have two male friends who got married with them, and they lived happily ever after. You know what? This article is right, don’t even get married with a beautiful woman, that’it.

  2. The purposes of my comments are to educate men to some facts about today’s western women and maybe, just maybe, some women will take heed of what MANY men are discussing today. Gents today’s western woman will literally suck the life from you so get ready, men young and old listen up; if you are pondering marriage or living with a woman better give these FACTS some thought.

    • Did you know that should your marriage/relationship break up and its 50/50 if you’re lucky, that it will, she will 80% of the time be the one to initiate it?
    • You are going to spend $5,000-$10,000 on a ring or you’re considered cheap!
    • You will spend your next 3 years salary on HER ideal wedding!
    • Abuse is a 50/50 statistic, in other words she is just as likely as a man to abuse you but the difference is you are suppose to take it and she is FAR more likely to use a weapon!
    • Western women today are just as likely to have extra marital affairs as men! And should this happen it is FAR more likely that it is you, the man, that will pay for her indiscretions. She is 75% more likely to keep the children, house and furniture and the MAN will continue to make the mortgage payments while she continues life as if nothing happened! If the man fools around he still pays the price. The courts have become so slanted that western men are avoiding marriage in droves!
    • It takes a man an average of 5 years to recover financially and emotionally from a divorce where a woman is a matter of months.
    • Your ex can, at a whim, deny visitation of your children even though you have been paying ¾ of your income to her without missing a payment and there is NOTHING you can do!
    • There is ONE man EVERY day that commits suicide in Canada because divorce devastates him financially and emotionally. I am 6’1” and weighed 220 lbs, my first marriage I lost 60 lbs in 3 months because of the stress. My second I lost 50.
    • Sex becomes a reward/punishment tool that women exercise at every possible turn.

    I have been married twice, both ex’s had affairs, I spent MILLIONS of dollars trying to keep them happy but in the end it was for not. I am well educated, good looking; have many talents, keeping a woman happy I thought would be feasible. Not a western woman, through my experience and discussions with MANY other men, a western woman is virtually impossible to please.

    She wants to be taken care of but cares for nothing but herself, she wants her girls night out but lookout if you go out with the boys, she wants you to watch her romance movies with her (training on how a man should behave) but forget about watching a hockey or football game, ask her if she would mind buying you a $10,000 watch or a new sports car after all that’s the equivalent of what you are going to spend on her ring and the wedding. And if you think it’s because you make more money than her that she will not buy you these things, think again. There are more women in middle & upper management today than there are men; they are better educated than men. There are FAR more women in university than men.

    I am close to 50 now, I workout and I still look pretty good, I have girls in their early 30s interested (helps to be a singer) however I am FAR more selective of who I date. So men of all ages DO NOT MARRY!!!!!!!!!! And if you do, good luck because that’s all you have is luck.

    Today’s western woman is fickle, spoiled, lazy and has a DEEP sense of entitlement! Look at the commercials and TV shows, men are always portrayed as stupid klutzes that need a woman around to straighten him out. Women on TV can indiscriminately smash a man with her fist or any weapon in reach and it’s funny. She can burn or throw his cloths out the window in a commercial and its justified even funny. And let me tell you, women buy into what’s on TV far more than men do! To them its reality!

    Gents, never date, only sleep with woman that claim their marriage broke up because “it just didn’t work out”. That’s code for ‘he didn’t do what I told him”!

    Men are portrayed as useless, without feeling entities to be dumped upon. So gentlemen as you read this, is that what you think of yourself?

    Western woman as you read this you are saying to yourself, “he’s just bitter cause she left him”. Nope I am bitter because I spent 30 years and $2,000,000 doing all I could trying to please 2 women. I bought them horses, new cars, watched those ridiculous romance movies, distanced my good friends and family and I am left with very little, having to start all over again while the 2 of them have homes paid for! And society ignores men as if they are garbage. Girls the movies are not real; TV is not reality and if you want men to behave like the ACTORS in a FICTIONAL romance then you better behave like a porn star in the bedroom!

    I no longer believe western woman are capable of love. There may be VERY rare cases where this is not true but gentlemen; would you bet all you have and all you’re going to have on odds that are 95% against you?

    Men in closing DO NOT MARRY A WESTERN WOMAN! It will more than likely be the BIGGEST mistake of your life! You have a VERY slim chance of being successful and it is almost entirely up to her whether or not your relationship will succeed!

  3. Come on, guys. I like to marry with a beautiful woman. You know what I am saying. You don’t want to get a nightmare every night when you have an ugly woman.

  4. I prefer to date with beautiful women. But when it comes to marriage, I choose not to get married with her. I am thinking about the ‘troubles’ and ‘headaches’ in the future I am going to get, it is a ‘no’ for me.

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