American Men Marry Foreign Women Has Been A Phenomenon Nowadays


American men pursue the dream of marrying foreign women which has been a phenomenon nowadays for these reasons, they are treated and respected better. In other words, foreign women treat their husbands with more loving and respectful way, appreciate when we show them affection and work with us for a perfect life together. Nowadays, there are many American single men prefer international-born women over Native American women for marriage. In this article, I use both foreign and international terms to describe single women who live outside of the United States of America.

Asian woman at Christmas tree

Asian woman at Christmas tree

Why are foreign women better than American women?

Foreign-born women are more feminine. This is the very important reason that most men love about their woman. In a perfect relationship, it only needs the masculine energy (hardness) from one person and the other person needs to be feminine which is soft. So, a relationship does not need masculine wives. The man in a happy relationship is characterized as the masculine person while the woman is feminine. If she tries to be equal to her husband (where most native American women do), then the relationship will break up. International ladies were taught to embrace their feminine qualities, which is the most important reason that American single men want to marry.

Asian women are too popular in the West because they are characterized as the soft and feminine energy who treat and respect their husbands perfectly. If you visit the Chinatown or Asian market centers in San Francisco or other cities of California, then you will see many of White men who married Asian women, walking around. In big cities of international countries including Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, there are many American men seeking Asian women. Not only Asian women play the best role in feminine wife, but also Eastern European women as Russian or Hispanic women like Spanish, Mexican or Latino, as well as South African women, they are characterized as the best women on the world.

American men and Asian women

American men and Asian women (Google images)

Single men in America prefer foreign women because of many benefits. Guys who travel to South Africa, Europe or Asia to meet these women whom they’ve already known from an online dating site, admitted that they made a right choice. Many men go to the internet dating sites to find international women who live in the US only but men are also open to foreign-born women as well. Rumors tell that these American men want to find subservient slaves in foreign countries, this is a myth. They want to find international women because of love and sincerity that American women can’t provide. International women are sensible, family oriented, hard working and good housekeeping, good shape and feminine. Most Americans marry foreign ladies admitted that they enjoy the life where they are the man of the family, not hardheaded.

American women live in the country where they act more masculine way so many men don’t like this behavior of a woman’s role. They are beautiful  girls but get fat easily after they have babies. I think because they don’t like to cook at home and most of the time they order meals from the fast-food restaurants at McDonalds or Burger King, which make them fat. The divorce rate is very high for American women because they are very selfish. If they get a promotion or their husbands get laid off from work, then most of them turn out to a divorce. They enjoy too much so they don’t hang out with their kids a lot. They will give the man “cold shoulder” when they are in bad mood, no matter what he really wants to make love.

When you date a Latino, Asian or Eastern European woman, you will see the big difference. The way that they treat you with better manner will make you happy and satisfied. There are thousands of American single men pursuing the dream of seeking a foreign wife at free dating sites like, no wondering there are many benefits about traveling thousands miles to find a perfect feminine woman.


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  1. Very true. I live in San Francisco, where most American women have no clue on how to be feminine and are always trying to one up on a man. It’s unbelievable how poorly American men get treated by American women.

  2. “…foreign women treat their husbands with more loving and respectful way,” a very, very true statement, and in itself, the single most reason I am in the situation I am currently in.
    My best friend currently lives in the Philippines where she was born and raised. We are both writers and met on an online site for writers, not a dating site. I know many foreign women there, and from what I’ve experienced, [some] of the women long for a deeper connection than what the men of a male-dominated culture provide. They struggle with mostly male-favoring traditions and need to be heard and respected as equals. Others — considering your words, “International ladies were taught to embrace their feminine qualities,” which are true, but — are simply better at trading their best qualities for a better life, and are ONLY looking for white well-to-do men…which makes them not much better than American women, but at least its an equal give-and-take because both get what they want.

    My best friend is trying to get to this country with the sole reason of wanting a better LOVE; her soulmate. She is younger than I would normally go for, but there’s not a racist bone in her body and has won me over with only her heart. She has a respected profession there and thinks I am fairly poor, so the sacrifice she is willing to make is astounding. We will definitely marry if she can make it here or I can go get her.

    The bottom line for me is, American women (mostly city women) have a high opinion of themselves (not a bad thing in itself) and it is a man’s task to equal or exceed their status, and/or place too much importance on material things. For the hoops they make you jump through, their personality and priorities are not worth the effort…and as you said, they can turn on a dime when ‘things’ change to their dislike. I want someone that is in it for things like ‘us’ and ‘love,’ and for the long haul. I found that, and I would wish the men that read this page and consider looking elsewhere.

    Please, write your experiences here as well. As a writer, I may someday write a story based on the subject.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. My name is Akinyanju Ogunyemi There is no lie about this saying.
    It’s absolutely.100% true. The issue on ground does not stop at American women only, such women whom has same attitude problems, being masculine, are also in other parts of the world. only but few. its so unfortunate for men like us who run into them. That is what prompted me to search for your site, and you really need to know how grateful I am, to stumble on this. I will be more grateful and fulfilled if my aim is archived. From what I just read in your blog, I hope to get to meet,and marry a rich loving,caring, understanding, good shape,romantic, and feminine Mexican woman. Wow, what a lifetime fulfillment that will be to me.
    many Thanks to you.

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