Swedish women / American men about dating, relationship & sex


Swedish women are unique and strong that most of American men admitted. However, there are some differences about thoughts of those single women in Sweden in terms of dating, relationship and sex. Sweden is a country where gender freedom is equaled. I like that but there is some funny thoughts that most Swedish ladies act that I like to talk about. If you are an American man who is seeking a Swedish woman, then you should read this article.

Swedish women and American men

Swedish women and American men

Most Swedish women try to hide their feelings in front of men because they don’t want men know that. They usually don’t make the first move or approach to the man they like. One of my American friends told me that Swedish ladies don’t express their feelings too soon even though they like you a lot. A woman in Sweden usually takes lots of time to let the man express his feeling first. In terms of sex, woh, it is just too hard. She seems not to enjoy it by the way she does it with you. American men complain about the sexual relationships with Swedish women.

Cultural experience

It is about Swedish culture where single women and men in this country behave in terms of dating and relationship. When you go to a bar in Stockholm, you usually sit there for hours without anyone come to talk to you. Single Swedish men in a bar don’t approach to you to make acquaintance unless they judge you for a long time. If you are an American man who comes to a bar in this country, then you must take action. You should not expect any Swedish lady in a club make the first move. No way, you must approach to her first. Another thing is that most of them don’t need you to buy them drinks, they buy and pay for it themselves. You can ask the girl that if you can pay for her drinks, but the answer is usually a “No”.

I think Swedish women are similar to most of European women about their characteristics. They are strong and independent. They are different from American women about dating, relationship and sex. Swedish ladies are very traditional in dating while American ladies are modernized. Swedish women think that they don’t make the first move to guys even though they like one specific guy very much. In terms of sex, they must know and love the man before they bed with him. It takes time to get her in bed. Most of them don’t “try to have fun” about sex.

That’s why most Swedish single women prefer to find men through the internet dating sites like aDatingnest.com or others. They want to slowly know the man by reading his profile, seeking the match, interacting by email messages, then talking on the phone. They like to take time to get know the man before dating him. They like to chat with him, see him in Skype or Yahoo Messenger, get comfortable with him before they want to meet him face to face.

Most of single girls in Sweden who live in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Halmstad, Göteborg, Vaxjo, Boden, Falun, Karlstad, Webster, Orebro, Västerås, Skovde, Wtert, Lund, Linkoping and so on, prefer to use online dating services to find a man. They want not only find local men in Sweden but also American men who live in the United States of America. If you are a single American man who lives in the US or Sweden, then you should know it takes time to date a Swedish woman.


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