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American Men Looking For British Women have been too popular in the last few years. There are thousands of American men seeking UK women who use the online dating sites to find the second half. It is all about the modern lifestyle for these interracial relationships happen. Both British women and American men want to show off the public that they are dating a partner oversea. Even some of them do not quiet understand about other culture, they still date each other. Some British girls want to learn about US culture while American guys learn the UK living style. Anyway, such interracial relationships are common today.

Beautiful Single WomenAmerican men seeking British women for relationship and marriage is a common thing. They usually go to either American dating sites or British dating services to find each other. Some of them find each other through parties, bars or clubs. There are many American people who live in UK and UK people who live in America. Such interracial couples are created by the love. Many British females have crush on American males. Vice verse, many American guys have crush on UK girls. This is the modern century we live in, interracial love is very common.

Most of members who join online dating sites are British and American singles. This is the true. We can see how popular that singles at these countries use the online dating services to find their second half. As a result, it is easy and simple for UK women dating American men online and vice verse. Another good part is that free dating sites do not charge singles a cent for using the service. That means you are free of charge to find your second half online.

Anyway, there are thousands of American men looking for UK women and vice verse, if you are one of them, then please take action to find your life mate online.

Less than 50% English women like American men. It may be because English ladies are too popular on the world, including their in-good-shape body, sexy figure, intelligent brain, and fashion clothes. More than 50% British women prefer English men over American men. It is not about stereotype or racist but that’s the truth but London girls like to date or marry the English men. They think that American men are not in good shape when they get older because they eat too much fast food at McDonald, Burger King and etc.

One truth I need to point out here is that American guys living in London or other parts of the United Kingdom pursue the English ladies for dating and romance. There are different races in the UK including German, Dutch, Irish, Italian, French, and other Europeans but American prefer the English lady over others. These Americans join the internet dating sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to find British women who lives in the UK. If you go to a club in London, then you will experience such couples.

Again, are English women into American guys? The answer is probably. I suggest that when you try to approach to a British girl here, try to use the “polite” language. You are an American in UK. Understanding their culture is very important. You should make friends with English men to learn about the way they talk with girls. They are too polite and overthink things before they approach to girls. In other words, they are afraid that it can go wrong and they don’t want to get rejected. You know what? They are not shy but careful.

Anyway, girls are girls and guys are guys. Every body has different concept about what type of partner they want to live with. If you are one of the single American men seeking English women, then you can join out free British dating site to find them.


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  1. Looking for an american guy, to chat with and have laughs, maybe more. Im 41, single, living near Bristol, UK. Im 5’7 and slim. Im a Trump supporter and love america, particularly S. Carolina or Texas. I like guys atleast 6ft. Send me an email, im on facebook
    Tracy Anna

  2. Bump into view. I am 38 and currently live near Dallas-Fort Worth in the US. Looking to get to know someone from the UK…preferably you are somewhere around my age (no one over 50 please) and a non-smoker. Some hobbies of mine are reading, films/some tv (Trainspotting, Life on Mars, Only Fools and Horses, Green Wing, Eastenders) travelling, and music (post-punk, Britpop). Right now I am working on a career change but may be willing to relocate to the UK. Or would you prefer to live in the US? Feel free to drop me a line: or skype:
    Enjoy what’s left of summer!

  3. Hi there

    My name is Laura and I am from the UK Abingdon area near Oxford

    I am looking for someone to date preferably someone American that I can eventually go into a long term relationship with depending on if things go ok

    In my spare time I enjoy swimming, I used to go horse riding when I was younger but never seem to find the time now, travelling mainly around America, Italy and Greece, going shopping with the girls and for a social drink afterwards, indulging into a good book and catching a good flick at the cinema

    I am 29 years old currently looking to move out and live independently on my own, I have no baggage eg children or any other commitments

    So if you like to find out more drop me a message at

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