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What To Do If Men Just Don’t Like You

Are you convinced that all men just don’t like you? If the answer is yes, your solution might be here. It is good always to remember though that you are created unique with special attributes to make someone feel great. Therefore, what to do if men just don’t like you? This depends a lot on many things. The first thing is realization that you are created unique. This means that you have unique features that may not necessarily attract everyone. Remember that everyone has freedom to make choices, and so are you. Therefore if some men do not like you, just accept it and move on. But, it is good to always make good use of these unique features to your favor. What does this tell you? That be yourself.

Nice couple

Nice couple

Never try to play someone’s role whenever you are seeking relationships. It is absolutely important to come out clear on who you are without having to copy anybody. Remember that when you pretend to be someone, the best you can ever be, is the second choice. Therefore, make sure that you are out there playing the role of your own person. Let men feel yourself, hear your values and what you stand for. Since there is someone for everyone, you are likely to get your suitor very fast.

It is also good to investigate your characteristics. Sometimes your behaviors and conduct can ruin you a good relationship. Men are watchful creatures; even when you are not aware, they are constantly watching. It is advisable therefore to ensure that you conduct yourself well, behave well and present yourself well. In terms of conduct, watch out where you hang out, the group you walk with and even your dressing style – in terms of behavior, it is good for you to watch out how you walk, your reactions and even your looks. All these determine a lot whether men would change their perception to you.

What to do if men just don’t like you also depends on your communication skills. Many men charge women on how they communicate to them. For instance, the way you address men must be reflect on their humanistic nature. Never talk to them as if they do not matter. Furthermore, do not disrespect them when you are talking to them. Some men give up easily whenever they find out that women they intend to date are disrespectful.

Always show that you are also a human being. This means that you should not portray yourself as a supreme being who does not regard other human beings. Show yourself that you are reachable, approachable, and even that you have feelings. In the long-run, human beings need human beings; why therefore should you portray yourself as someone who is unreachable? Men like ladies who are not necessarily weak, but human. This means that you need to present yourself as someone who has feelings for others, someone who needs people and that you care a lot on what people say.

Above all, be principled; do not let go of what you stand for. Do not be weak, but be firm in your decisions. Ensure that people know you as someone who cannot be swayed by different opinions when approached. This can assure men that you are the right woman for them. In addition, always ensure that you give all men who approach you equal chances; do not discriminate against race, physical attributes or even age. Just listen and make your final decision based on how you feel.