Rich Women Looking For Poor Men


Rich Women Looking For Poor Men on the Internet are increasingly popular. They use the Internet Dating Site to find such guys. Rich women seeking poor men who are handsome and strong is common these days. Of course, most of them are old and want to find young guys for romance and relationship. There are many men who want to find a rich girlfriend. Where do they find a rich woman? You can find her at the online dating sites. That’s right. There are many single wealthy women looking for young men on the internet.

Beautiful Single WomenAre you the guy who wants to look for a rich lady? A wealthy woman is the one who is flaunted with a luxury villa, a private jet, and an expensive car, and so on. She is out there looking for you, so what should you do?

Online dating is the solution to find her. If you go to single clubs or bars, then you are on the wrong track. Rich women are not looking for poor men there. The internet dating sites are the place you can meet a rich lady. On this modern century, people use the Internet to buys things and look for things. So, rich women seeking poor men use online dating services to find their dream mate.

What dating sites are the best to find rich women seeking men?

Don’t get fool to search for key terms like “millionaire dating”, “rich singles”, “wealthy women” and so on. That won’t work. You just use regular dating sites and search for “single women”, “American singles”, and etc. You will see many of these best sites that show up on the first page of Google. You pick a few sites and sign up with them.

Register your personal ad at such sites and write about what type of person you are looking for. Each day, you keep sending out some messages to new ladies, send kisses, instant messages, etc. After a month or so, you have many female friends. Go to read on each profile and find out whether or not she has a big home, expensive car, etc.

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

You must keep in mind that dating wealth women is to put yourself in a higher level. If she is a rich woman, then she must be surrounded by many cool and hot men. You should think about a unique way to win her heart forever. It is worth it to have a rich girlfriend, really. You think about your luxury lifestyle you are enjoying in the future, sleeping until whatever time you like, then have breakfast on the bed, going out golfing, eat dinner in expensive restaurants, get home, go to bed and enjoy romance. That’s life of dating a wealthy lady. Here are some tips for you.

Your body and appearance are very important. It is not only about your big and long “tool” size, but your personal appearance is the price tag you need to pay attention to. You are one of the below average guys about finance or materials so you can’t afford to pay for her luxury gifts and so on. What you have is your unique appearance that she can’t find from other men so pay attention to this.

Communication is the second most important thing you need to learn. She is a rich girl so she has power. She has servants. She has everything she needs. She needs a guy who is not only her loyal servant but also her loyal man who makes her happy and fun all times. So you must learn how to talk to her the way no other guys can.

Self confidence is the last important thing you need to have. She is a rich woman so she has power. You need to have confidence to deal with all barriers and conflicts in her life. If she needs to have some ideas, then make sure you give her the best ones to solve her problems. Don’t ever be angry at her no matter what. Don’t ever lose your confidence because that means you lose her attraction, so it turns out you may lose her. Be confident.

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Anyway, there are many single Rich Women Seeking Poor Men online waiting at Free Dating Service at, take action to find one for you.

P.S. If you are interested in seeking a wealthy single lady, then please write on the comment box below. Try to write as long as you can about your personality, background, interests, likes, hobby, and your personal looks, height, weight, education, marital status, and why you are interested in dating or marry a rich woman. YOU MUST WRITE AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES ON COMMENT BOX TO GET APPROVED.


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  1. I enjoy immensely the company of a lady who loves to talk – even if about herself – constantly. A lady who loves to dance, stroll or relax in the fresh air; may be visiting the gym frequently, or not so often. A lady who enjoys sports is great, although not essential, so long as she understands that I love sports { some of the time }. If you study my Profile, you will know how to contact me. Nextaxproerocky. And, this is of import: a lady with a great sense of humor who desires a man with a great sense of humor. A lady who does not feel insulted when she is not being insulted. This point is far larger than most people realize. Most men do not realize that ladies are delicate in a wonderful way, and, sensitive. Desire to spend time with a woman who is intelligent. I’ve had my fill of girls born without a brain and pretending to be grown ladies. Never lying, except maybe for birthday surprises, is vital. Honesty, intelligence, promptness, faithfulness, passion for an attractive man inside and out, are all important and should be expected of any lady. A true lady is all of these characteristics. It goes without saying that she should not be a GREEDY FRAUD. Greed is callous, kills relationships, makes for bad feelings and difficult to erase stress filled memories. Greed scars, destroys optimism, breaks hearts, cuts off hope, cuts off communication, makes women and men refuse to speak unto each other, unless the covetous one REPENTS; embraces the thrill of romance and the uplifted face. I have had to turn three FRAtUDS on this website over to the FBI, department of commerce and the Attorney General for FRAUD and wire FRAUD. A lady who thinks, acts, dresses as a lady. I would admire a lady who searches outnextaxprowhat I love best. To me, a true Lady loves to explore what her mangmalelikes best. ??? I need a roommate. Need a lady to discuss this with. ?????

  2. For the pleasantries: I, Nextaxpro * errocky * love dancing, jogging, the gym, horseback riding, cats, kittens, hiking, swimming, roller skating, jogging, reading, listening to classical music, looking at scenic locations, weightlifting, skyp table tennis, badminton, tennis, softball, hardball. An occasional old movie, watching the stock market and precious metals prices and history; studying history, helping people, especially in regards to income taxes, volunteer work and consumer protectionskypeexposing frauds, educating people. Love golfing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, visiting unique places, playing football, basketball, baseball, handball, being brought to different places, and even “sitting by the fire” some of the time. Having ladies accompany me to where ever they want to go and many other sports, recrea-tional and relaxation activities make me feel hot and relaxed.
    I should say above all: a lady who thinks, acts, dresses as a lady. I would admire a lady who searches out what I love best. Tofbme, a truerockyericLady loves to explore what her man likes best.
    May a well mannered, sweet, loves to laugh, humorous, easy on the make up; loves to think, act and dress as a lady find me… God Bless you all: Thank you so very much: Nextaxpro ( errocky )

  3. I am very young handsome single man looking for a good woman to be with together. I am very good in love making because am very romatic. This is my personal contact you can call me on +2330551478746 or +233551478746 to get connected. I dont want to talk much here just call me and you will notice that am the best among the rest.

  4. Hi I’m Melvyn 48 coloured male looking for a rich older woman that can spoil me rotten in return I’ll treat her like a queen like she is the only woman on this planet with the finer things in life like quick calls just to say I love her and miss her.give her a flower send little love messages give foot and body massages. I’m very passionate and affectionate guy that’s down to earth like cuddling holding hands kisses hugs walks on the beach romantic picnics or drives sunsets I’ll give u everything u desire besides what u all already have stuff money can’t buy or give I love sports live concerts jazz and love songs hope to find that special from cape town south Africa single my number is 0739840322 don’t be shy hit me up u won’t regret it

  5. Hi——-Baby,
    With due respect and understanding, I am Henrylove single man. seeking for cool, lovely, sweet. understanding sugar mammy i will be with, it will be so lovely to meet with him face to face, infarct i am 100% a serious man and i don’t play with any thing relationship, am very ready to meet with you and building serious relationships, for real no playing games.
    My heart his simple and gentleman with big dreams, i am very romantic, i love listening to music, dancing , infarct by the grace of GOD i am going to be future superstar, music in me i love it so much:
    My Status.;;; Age 45, July 23, 1972, Eye Color Grey,Hair Color, Black, Marital Status: Not married, Children No children, Religion Christianity, Level of Education, High school, Occupation, D.J, Drinking NO, Level of English*.
    Trust in me and i promise i will give you 100% love and sex, l will never let you dawn. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. You can also reach me on my E-Mail(}
    Yours Faithful,

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  7. Hi !!!
    my name is Binod Singh from Uttar Pradesh. Present Time i am working in private company in Gurgaon. i mostly want that type of women you feel alone her life.

    • Am Anthony born again Christian age 37 looking for a lady of age 35 and above very humble in spirit to start arelation ship that will lead to marriage money is not the issue in as much God has brought as together in christ jesus satan will have no power to break whether in riches or poverty my number is +254790174795 ,email okelloanton@gmail.comcom

  8. Hi am Ahmed, Kenyan living at the coastal city Mombasa. Am 38 years guy with a profession of a marketer,councillor. I like socialising interacting with people sports phisical fitness etc. Am interested in connecting with a lady who is mature and ready for a serious,reasonable and respective relationship. RESPECTING is in my constitution.thank you

  9. Hi,
    I’m a 6’0″, 180lb, 61 year old Man semi-retired from the Strength and Conditioning industry.
    I’ve had some financial bad luck and ready to have a Woman take care of me financially.
    I now train horses for a hobby.
    I’m looking for a wealthy, healthy, beautiful, interested Woman looking for love and a Strong partner.
    I love lots of land, blue skies, and dark nights to enjoy the stars.
    Not interested in living in a big city but will take care of the ranch and visit the city if you’d like ;).

  10. I am looking for a rich woman in my life to love each other to ,l am a cool man and caring so try me l will make you happy day and night l am not a fighter l am not a cheater the only problem is l am poor but l am a true stallion you will enjoy .

  11. Name is Gregory Powell I have been with some what wealthy women and I realize that you still need true love to go along with the well that’s what I’m looking for not about the money just true love

  12. I am a 37 yrs man from Zimbabwe single looking for a rich woman l am a cool man Christian and l know how to treat a woman buy right now l am living in South Africa in Port Elizabeth so anyone who is really looking for good black man contact me on 0623206279

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  15. My family middle class poor family belong okay. My father is death 1995. My age serious sugar and heart problems and join pain etc ooh god takecare one woman hospital bill and medicine pay very-very difficult ooh god. Good luck enjoy your life always happy you god bless you god prey for you me as you wish marry me.i am honest welcome my house look you byebye

    • You not reply I am not beautiful any reason talk Gmailaccount contact promise god whatsaapnumbers 8198801138 contact me okay any problems talk my duty c.b.i crime branch investigation u.s.a, UK and Canada okay secret mission. No want money okay


  17. I am a strong handsome man of 33 years of age, i live and come from Ghana in the western part of Africa. I am a graduate working with the ministry of food and agriculture, and like doing business too, am single and am here looking for a rich woman to spend the rest of my life with

  18. I am 52, a visionary / dreamer, and humerous. I am a God fearing, Jesus loving, Bible believing man. I am a cancer survivor however I am dealing with the aftermath of going through the battle. I’m looking for a beautiful, wealthy, woman, who is loyal, honest, humble, and very patient and very understanding.

    • Hi, my name is Gary. I am 58 yrs young. I am 6’ tall and weigh 275 lbs. I’m by no means model material. But I have been told I’m handsome. I guess you would have to be the judge. I’m an outdoors type. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and going on adventures on the spur of the moment. But alas, right now I can’t afford to do that. I’m working as a truck driver. I would love to find an attractive wealthy woman, whom I could spend the rest of my life with. I am large, but if I had the time I could slim down. I’m looking forward to hearing from a lovely woman.

  19. hello everyone my name is terry taylor and im looking for a rich women to merry, first i am uneducated im strong-willed / stubborn i do try not to be but sometimes i cant help it, to tell you my background well we would be here all day, i like cooking and building things from wood and cement,
    i like working on old cars , i like the beach, camping , the outdoors
    hobbys are garding , will im 67 yrs. old 6 ft. tall have blue eyes and little hair , im about 168 lbs. and i have some tattoos, and i have a 3 year old son, john elijah taylor , i want to marry a rich women well becouse she has money and i dont, if i cold marry a rich women john’s future would be secured. i am divorced two times john’s mother and i are not married.
    ill tell you more when we talk . thank you yours TERRY TAYLOR

  20. My Name is Mahammed Fazil, I’m interested Very Rich Women of Age from 25-40, any Divorced, Widows, Khula Taken contact me whatsapp number and call me @91 9618529193

    • Hi,I am 40,trying to get reach of a established ,sensitive,intellegelt ,open-minded lady who can help me financially in stead of I must provide her pure friendship & best support in her life.i can erase her loneliness.waiting for WhatsApp or call 6291516477.thank u.

  21. Hi my name is Patrick from Ghana. Am 29yesrs and looking for a beautiful rich white woman to marry . I believe true love is sincerity. Family is very vital. My WhatsApp number and contact 0267954634. Thank you

  22. Hi
    How are you doing I hope you are doing well
    Please Am from ghana Am 29 year old
    Am looking for a very nice woman to married
    My number is +233(0)550770699 and that is my whatsapp number to

  23. I’m interested rich female,any divorced,Windows,housewife,friendship,dating ,relationship content me whatsapp number and call me 919850640026

  24. Hi my name Suresh my age 24 very smart boy I am very poor family any rich girls divorced widows housewife any good relationships believer that true happiness is the right of every human being irrespective of gender, age or social status. I am a well mannered guy who knows how to behave and respect woman. I naturally find older woman more wise , sensible and practical in approach. I am looking for a lady who values respect and time . I believe in Individual Freedom and companionship.Friendship is the best gift you can give to someone be it a man ot woman! Call me 6385519921

  25. My name is Mohammed faisal. I’m 40 year from India. Im very poor family. Im not working now.Im looking decent lady. Longterm relationship. Good and decent married life I need .I hate cheating, I hate lie speaking, I hate divorce, partner with fight I hate. Who is like me call mobile number +91 98 47 90 35 94. email id. I’m waiting replay. God bless you.

  26. My name is Mohammed faisal. I’m 40 year from looking longterm relationship. I hate divorce, I hate lie speaking. I hate cheating, I’m too much love believe religion. Who is love me.toking with very poor family. Partner heart is feeling I’m never mobile number +91 98 47 90 35 94.. im waiting replay. God bless

  27. Hi .. I am Siddharth. I am a believer that true happiness is the right of every human being irrespective of gender, age or social status. I am a well mannered guy who knows how to behave and respect woman. I naturally find older woman more wise , sensible and practical in approach. I am looking for a lady who values respect and time . I believe in Individual Freedom and companionship.Friendship is the best gift you can give to someone be it a man ot woman!

  28. How y’all doing , my name is leo I’m from Austin TX , I’m very romantic , I would like to meet a lady , I’m very hailer in a lot of things , I’m very social , I hope I find me a queen in here , have a nice and wonderful day

  29. I am simple man. I am 30..i don’t like drinking and I need nice rich women. She also care about my problem,

    • Hi name is Patrick . I believe sincerity and faithfulness is key to true love . am looking looking for a wealthy woman to provey love to . my WhatsApp number 0267954634.

  30. Hey halow there hope you are okay with me am okay am Lucas from Kenya a am 44 in age divorcer looking for woman in UK or USA matured age of 40 to 60 and who can support me in everything and I also do so for more information you can contact me through my Email

  31. Hello! Am kateregga robert from uganda achristian tall light skinned guy of 24yrs looking for a rich white single lady from either europe or america. Am ahamble and gentle guy who likes watching sports and movies and am also hardworking there fore need abusiness am 68kg .for the one interested call. +256759383937 or

  32. Greeting,Life it’s not money only,but love and deep feeling,no different between rich or poor,one day everybody will be leave from this life,i’m searching for nice and lovely woman,doesn’t matter her age,i can make her happy 24/7,i don’t care about money at all,i’m OK and not greedy,very simple life i live,hope to find who’s come to my heart soon,i’m handsome man white skin,177 cm,75 KG,thanks,my email add :

  33. Looking for a rich single woman am a boy who needs a sweet single lady thanks here is my WhatsApp number.

  34. Hi.. hope you r all doing good. I am single well educated, never married 30 yrs. Looking for serious relationship. Financially I am not much sound. I am adoptive flexible and easy going. Interested ladies catch me on below given number
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  35. Hyfin Hynation from Ghana ??
    25 years old.
    Very loving, caring, kind , respectful. Clean heart. N will always make you happy . Hot in bed
    Am looking for sweet sugar mummy.
    +233560448757 or +233550713146
    Thank you

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