American Men Looking For British Women in UK


American Men Looking For British Women have been too popular in the last few years. There are thousands of American men seeking UK women who use the online dating sites to find the second half. It is all about the modern lifestyle for these interracial relationships happen. Both British women and American men want to show off the public that they are dating a partner oversea. Even some of them do not quiet understand about other culture, they still date each other. Some British girls want to learn about US culture while American guys learn the UK living style. Anyway, such interracial relationships are common today.

Beautiful Single WomenAmerican men seeking British women for relationship and marriage is a common thing. They usually go to either American dating sites or British dating services to find each other. Some of them find each other through parties, bars or clubs. There are many American people who live in UK and UK people who live in America. Such interracial couples are created by the love. Many British females have crush on American males. Vice verse, many American guys have crush on UK girls. This is the modern century we live in, interracial love is very common.

Most of members who join online dating sites are British and American singles. This is the true. We can see how popular that singles at these countries use the online dating services to find their second half. As a result, it is easy and simple for UK women dating American men online and vice verse. Another good part is that free dating sites do not charge singles a cent for using the service. That means you are free of charge to find your second half online.

Anyway, there are thousands of American men looking for UK women and vice verse, if you are one of them, then please take action to find your life mate online.

Less than 50% English women like American men. It may be because English ladies are too popular on the world, including their in-good-shape body, sexy figure, intelligent brain, and fashion clothes. More than 50% British women prefer English men over American men. It is not about stereotype or racist but that’s the truth but London girls like to date or marry the English men. They think that American men are not in good shape when they get older because they eat too much fast food at McDonald, Burger King and etc.

One truth I need to point out here is that American guys living in London or other parts of the United Kingdom pursue the English ladies for dating and romance. There are different races in the UK including German, Dutch, Irish, Italian, French, and other Europeans but American prefer the English lady over others. These Americans join the internet dating sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to find British women who lives in the UK. If you go to a club in London, then you will experience such couples.

Again, are English women into American guys? The answer is probably. I suggest that when you try to approach to a British girl here, try to use the “polite” language. You are an American in UK. Understanding their culture is very important. You should make friends with English men to learn about the way they talk with girls. They are too polite and overthink things before they approach to girls. In other words, they are afraid that it can go wrong and they don’t want to get rejected. You know what? They are not shy but careful.

Anyway, girls are girls and guys are guys. Every body has different concept about what type of partner they want to live with. If you are one of the single American men seeking English women, then you can join out free British dating site to find them.


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  1. It’s amazing ladies want to “stand out in the crowd” so they all go home and get done up to look “perfect in public” (modern ladies, call it looking “presentable in public”) and then go out and look exactly like every other lady and just blend in! I pride myself on observing and I can tell you for a fact that’s not what the majority of men want! It has become painfully obvious ladies do not understand what “old fashioned” means and they think it means cooking or taking care of the house and kids. Well, it does not, it means like in the “old fashioned days” a lady would not hesitate to go out shopping with your hair up in curlers or sleeping in them most of the time because she likes to wear her hair up in curlers she was “old fashioned” and didn’t care what strangers thought.THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED “OLD FASHIONED”because LADIES TODAY NO LONGER DO IT! Just like the ladies in the “old fashioned days” used to. To go out shopping in curlers shows you do not have any inferiority complexes, it also shows you are a multitasker and you have charisma, character you are not lazy and wasting money every week at a beauty salon and you realize that there is a very, very strong sex appeal to being “old fashioned” like this that a lot of men are really attracted to, plus a lot of other positive attributes, but 99% of the ladies today are too clueless, blind, embarrassed or just too foolish to recognize it. British girls seem to have caught on unlike American girls, I love to hear them say “pip pip Cheerio” but they swear they never say it although I remeber it in a movie.. So if a man says he is looking for an “old fashioned” girl this is what he is talking about.
    In this life everyone will have to choose when the storms of life come, whether to seek shelter and wait for them to pass bye or learn to “dance in the rain”. I am “old fashioned” and a Christian Baptist and honesty is a must. I have lived in several different countries, including some in Asia and I am looking to move back to the Caribbean. I have never been married so obviously I have no kids. I’m well educated looking for LTR only with a single “old fashioned” style Christian lady with NO CHILDREN. I have quite a bit to offer. I am a Prof. P.A.D.I. Divemaster and I am easy going and very enjoyable to be around as you can see from the fun divers in the photos that I have taken out on dives. I’m retired now and looking to meet my true love move back to the Caribbean and start a business with her. I am a one lady man and I have yet to meet my true love, I hope to meet that God fearing lady here. πŸ™‚ I am empathetic, understanding, polite, warm, kind, gentle and forgiving because we all fall short of the glory of God. I prefer to remain single rather than marry the wrong girl like most men do, when I marry it will be for life just like God has stated in the bible. To profess Gods will and walk as one with him is the most important thing to me. I must add I have broken my back and neck and need time to recover, like I said honesty is a must “Some of the best things in life are worth waiting for”. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi , I’m am English girl looking to hear that American accent.
    Hey… only interested in very good looking dudes who like English roses ?…

    • I’m an American with a ‘unique’ English accent ,, and because you’re so — my guess — young ,, i doubt you’d know where i’m from ! and may i ask what does the accent have to do with intelligence ??see past this and call 301 792 0890 to hear me tell you “a rose by any other name is still a rose ,, i loved them and their delicate perfume as i wandered the pathways of Whitby !

  3. Hi, am a 24 year old seeking for a fat beautiful lady for frienship and dating.

    I am an adventourous guy and look forward to seeing your call +256757070255

  4. Single American guy living in central Kentucky. I am 6’3′ 200 lbs. Dont know how that works out in pounds stone. Retired, financially independant, lonely.

    I have been told that I am attractive. Who knows?

    Spend most of my time managing money and taking care of house and land.

  5. Bump into view. I am 38 and currently live near Dallas-Fort Worth in the US. Looking to get to know someone from the UK…preferably you are somewhere around my age (10-12 years age difference at the most), non-smoker, and height/weight proportionate (or somewhere thereabouts). Some hobbies of mine are reading, films/some tv (Trainspotting, Life on Mars, Only Fools and Horses, Green Wing, Eastenders) travelling, and music (post-punk, Britpop). Right now I am working on a career change but may be willing to relocate to the UK. Or would you prefer to live in the US? Feel free to drop me a line: or skype:
    Good luck out there!

  6. 24 years old, sick of being single and looking for an American guy 22-34 years haha…

    looking for a guy to be friends/reletionship with, i love all things american and would love to live in the US one day.

    i have a dark sense of humor, love to talk about anything and everything wierd, not interested in looks (but is a bonus i suppose if the guy looks great) want a guy thats a good laugh and not boring, give me email

  7. I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S., and recently turned 32. I enjoy meaningful conversation, while taking walks along the river bank, or hiking a trail. I have a cabin in the Ozark mountains, where I hunt, fish, forage, and relax. I have a three-year-old son. He lives with his mother in Seattle, Washington. I enjoy reading, movies, binge watching new shows on cold nights, and cooking (among other activities). Feel free to contact me at:

  8. I am a Nigerian samuel patrick by name 27yrs looking for a good woman and single that l will love and care for money is not everything please call me if you need me.
    please call me let’s talk privately l am interested in the woman that want a real man.

  9. Hi
    My name is lyn and im from the UK. I’m 58 years young and my children are all grown and left the nest now . I’m looking for friendship/possibly more time will tell.

  10. Hi. I’m an American. I’m a creative. Love the britcoms and I am told I have a dry sense of humor. I come from a long line of English Knights. My ancestor, John came from Suffolk in the 1700s. I’d like to meet someone who’s hip, witty and fun in their late 40’s to 50’s. I am 53. I’ve written three mysteries and work as a Graphic Designer. I grew up in the countryside of New Jersey, have lived in Manhattan and love London as well as Grantham (I know, who loves Grantham? – but I was there for a wedding). I’m interested in circling back the blood line to my storied ancestry. I also love love college radio and indie surf music – hipster at heart. They say I look like a Redmond Reddington, or a Frances Underwood.

  11. Would like to chat or maybe meet American man to share life with must be honest trust worthy loyal single or divorced age 50+ told I don’t look my age got gsoh my children grown up and flown the nest so free to meet the right one if interested reply look forward to hearing from you Lindy x

  12. English girl, 28. Love American men and the accent is so hot!

    I’m the fit, active type who loves the outdoors so I need a guy who’s an adventurer who’s not afraid to get dirty and try new things.Will also accept someone who loves dogs, football and maybe a guy who’s a excellent kisser!

    • You have gorgeous eyes ?. I’m 35 American but of Puerto Rican descent, Enjoy going to the gym, doing outdoor activities, having fun and enjoying life. Sometimes I just enjoy watching a movie at and cuddling. I’m also a prior service US Army veteran.

    • I’m one of those American men. I’ve wondered how our accent sounds outside of our border. I have a dog, I played our Football in College, and I pull for Chelsea in the EPL

    • Hello Jennifer. You look very beautiful. I am very active and love the outdoors. I also love dogs and have one myself. You’re probably already got an enormous amount of spam from the other guys, but If you are still looking to date or get to know an American send me a reply. Russellneko at gmail

  13. Hi, I’m Sam, single, blonde, 35 and British with no children. I have my own online business, so I can work anywhere in the world but I would love meeting a U.S man to settle down with in the States.

    I’m happy to provide a photo once emailed.

  14. Looking for friendship/possibly more with an american man. I live in hertfordshire and was born in London. Love accent…especially new yorkers. Am a v young acting older lady. Cuddly build but not obese!

    • Hello how are u doing. My name is Gifty from Ivory coast but as at now i am living in Ghana i am 30 years of age single with no child no parent i am looking for some one honest and serious to spend my life with him again i come to Ghana to work on my late father gold which 52 kg which are in Bar he ask me not to tell any one in Ghana that is why i am looking for some one there to spend my life with him….My late father work in Ghana in Gold manning before he comes back to Ivory coast and die.He has 52 kg gold which are in bar which the papers are with me……..when my father and mom die i want and stay with one of my friend with their parent,….one day the man as me that he has see a papers shows that my late father has 52 kg gold that he deposit in a locale place in Ghana.
      From then this man want to kill me and took over the gold, soon as i notice that i took my paper and i ran to Ghana. the little money with me and i rent and i am here working on the gold, but the officials who are holding the 52 kg gold for safety ask me to pay for the charges before they release it to me. I have no choice i do not want any one here to know about it that is why i am online looking for honest and serious man that we can agree to get married and he can come to Ghana to help me and we pay for the charges then we have the gold and go back together or if he can stay there and help me to pay and then i have it then i can come over with it to meet him because soon as i come there i am not coming back to Africa. So i am looking for a man of God faring man.Here is my hangout and same as mail my yahoo is Thanks you. please u need to added me or email me because i am not in the site. when u added me we can share pics okay.

  15. British Girl, 25, with a thing for the American accent…
    Chubby, Bearded Guys (or Chris Pratt) to the front of the queue!

  16. single male 29, United States, looking for someone fun and different. If you’ve ever wanted to talk with a southern gentleman I might be your man!

  17. Greetings

    I am seeking an awesome, single or divorce USA man between 35-55 Based in UK or USA look forward to hearing from you.

  18. Hello Pam.

    My name is Sean. I am currently visiting England and would like to relocate here. I am 48 years old. I will be returning to the United States on June 28th. I would like to chat and see if we share similar interests or may have interest in each other. I look forward to hearing back from you.
    48 year old male from Wyoming, US looking to relocate to the UK. Looking for a woman who is interested in a man who shares similar interests. I’m currently visiting England and would love to live here.



    • Hi Sean,
      I just saw your message. Good to hear from you. I guess you’re back in the States now!
      Maybe we can still chat? It would be nice to find out if we have similar interests. May be more difficult to synchronize a time to catch up on here though with the time difference!
      I will keep checking. Hope to chat soon.

  19. Hi I’m a attractive English lady looking for a well mannered gentlemen who’s intelligent, fun, opened minded, who will treat me like a lady. I’m a beautician I live in London, enjoy reading, any thing fun and the sea.

  20. Hi,
    I’m Pam, from the UK. 54 years young! My children are all grown up now and I’m looking for an American guy who would like to relocate to the UK. To chat initially to see if we have things in common.

    • Hi Pam,
      I’m Dan from NJ in the USA.
      I’m 62, in great physical condition and health, don’t believe you’d be disappointed in my looks, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
      I’d prefer a british woman as a partner and would relocate….have been there 4 times and love it.
      Let’s chat.
      Dan πŸ™‚

  21. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by. My name is Laura and I am officially into American men. Lol. I am 45 and single and looking for a mature man.


    • Dan frim New Jersey, U.S.A
      Just checking to see if I can make contact first. I do prefer a british woman as a partner…have been to the U.K 4 times and love it.
      I’m in excellent physixal condition and believe you’d like my looks.
      I lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
      You’d like me. Let’s chat.
      Dan πŸ™‚

    • Hello Laura
      My name is Tony. I live in San Antonio, TX, USA. I am 46 years old, divorced and now single. I am a Human Resources Professional and have a secure source of income. I am educated and enjoy reading, sports, and just generally speaking to people. I enjoy opportunities to meet anyone that has a different background than me; it is exhilarating to listen to how different people, that inhabit our planet, view the world we live in. Every day is an adventure if you are open to seeing, speaking, and experiencing the beauty that is all around us. The old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is so true, beauty is all around and I intend on seeing every bit of beauty I can in my life.

      I absolutely adore everything British, from their voices, their heritage, beautiful country, and true kindness. I would love to get an opportunity to converse with you and see if there is a connection. I am seeking a life partner that I can experience this life with, I want to remarry, and live and love. If my dream comes true, that special lady will be a British woman and together we can discover all life has to offer. I truly hope I hear from you and see if we have anything in common. I hope you have a great day, and while I know your post is rather old, I nevertheless hope to hear from you.

  22. Hello My Name Is Rexx Wallace I am 32 Years Old, Live In Fargo,
    North Dakota I don’t make a lot of money but have a very kind heart
    I would love to move to the UK to start a new life a with anyone
    who would put up with me. if interested

    email me at

    thank you and cheers

  23. I’m Benjamin and would like to meet someone spend time with and get to know one another. I’m 40 and I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for reading!

  24. I’m Bethany, I’m 26 from Yorkshire and have spent a lot of Summers in Sacramento, ca with my aunt. I’d love to meet someone so I could start a new life in my most favourite place in the world.
    Posting this is absolutely terrifying for me!

  25. Hello, attractive blonde 60 year old , retired nurse. Young minded aClive. I love to cook, home decor and sharing this beautiful world with others. I live in York in the UK, however I do have a US passport. I lived in Myrtle Beach for 24 years. I love the States and American men. I am not rich financialally but am right hand with a big heart. I am loyal and true .

  26. Does anyone know of any truly free dating web sites. I know of two elovedates and POF. I would like to find both american and foreign women I can talk to without spending hundreds of dollars joining different websites.

  27. Hey my name is Brian Burgess I’m interested in meeting a woman from the UK. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.
    I was born and raised in Florida but I now live in West Virginia closer to family. I work with Lowe’s awesome company, very solid job.
    I’m an artist by passion love photography, and graphic arts.

    Take care πŸ™‚

  28. I am Debbie A young 61 yr old looking for a relationship with a nice kind man. Love movies dinners out and walks on the beach.

    • Hello Debbie. I am 60 years old. i consider myself a very nice man. I will like to hook up with you but i do not feel comfortable living my contact details here.

    • Hi Debora, I am from Pennsylvania widowed and I do not want to be alone any longer I do not smoke or drink well maybe once awhile.
      I am retired and doing well as far as money goes, some people say that I look younger then I am and I do enjoy being out with my dog and taking short walks with him.
      I am also retired from the US Military serving 26 years, just to let you know I am in good health and can still be active in the bed room ok
      I would like very much like to get in touch with you ,because you might be the Princess I’m looking for

  29. Hi,

    I’m a 28 year old English guy from the North East of England and would absolutely love to meet an American to date and maybe settle down with. I’ve been to America twice and absolutely love the country, I don’t drink & don’t smoke and have a zest for life & adventure πŸ™‚

    I’m on Facebook under my name of Si Brown πŸ™‚


  30. 25 year old from Pittsburgh pa “the colonies” lol. I did some tours in the service , I’ve got a lot of tattoos I smoke I drink but I’m a lot of fun. British accents and your guys’ terms like “you’ve lost the plot” are just adorable to me idk y but I find it irresistible to listen to you guys talk I’m really interested in your English customs I myself am Italian
    By heritage but it was my grandparents who came over so I’m American mostly I guess. I don’t use email but my Facebook name is Mark andolini if your interested thanks :).

    • Hi i am looking for someone between 58 /68 years old honest caring non smoker. I love animals long walks going to the movies

    • High. You. Look. Like. A. Princess. I. See. You’re. Pitcher. On. The. Site. You’re. S. Lovely. Women. I. Am. American. Man. I. Love. 2. Talk. 2. You. By. Phone. I. Live. In. Fort. Walton. Beach. Florida. My. Name. Is. Johnny. Hear. Is. My. Cell. Phone. Number. If. I. Don’t. Pick. Up. Leave. A. Voice. Mail. And. You. Name. I. Like 2 have a good women

    • I looked for u on facebook but did not find u…I live in north Florida in a small town but close to big towns and the beach of which I try to spend as much time as possible at. I am seeking a companion to poss spend the rest of my life with. I have been in business for myself for 30yrs. I cant tell from your pic your age but I am 57 if that’s older than u seek I understand but I look better than most in their forties…anyway If interested lets talk.

    • Hi Melanie I would like to be the American man that sweeps you off your feet. Hopefully it hasn’t happened already. We should talk sometime. Until then cheers.


    • 25 year old from Pittsburgh pa USA British accents and your guys terms like “you’ve lost the plot” are just adorable to me
      I don’t use email but my Facebook name is Mark andolin if your interested thanks πŸ™‚

  31. Hi
    My name is Rosie and I’m looking for a wonderful man whom to spend the rest of my life with.
    A man with a huge heart, a man who will love me ,cherish me,care for me as I fun ,laughter and someone to enjoy being silly with.

  32. Hi. My name is Tom. I am from Texas interested in meeting a lovely English woman. I am a divorced man and I have 2 beautiful daughters that I share joint custody with. I am a good man with a big heart. I have always wanted to meet and become friends with a lovely British lady. I am 46 years old. I am in average shape.

    • Hello Tom I am a black British 42 year old single mum with two girls living with me. I too am interested in dating American men and I personally love Texas I think its one of the best areas to live in.

    • I love Texas Tom. One name for that. Colin Edwards from motogp. Love that guy. I love western Accents. I love cowboy movies and black and white to. I have 3 kids who are in secondary school now. My Facebook is Janine ward if your interested.

  33. Hi, my name is Sam. I am a 46 year old English female looking for my American dream. I love music, cinema, walking, seeing new places. Feel free to contact me.

    • Hello Sam my name is Tim I am 57 yrs old but in very good shape as I work out regularly so don’t be scared off by the age I look better than most guys in their forties…hope to hear from u

  34. Hello my name is Danielle i am an English lady in my forties and i live in cornwall. I adore the American accent especially southern …I would love to meet an attractive, healthy, sporty intelligent man cowboys are also wellcome

  35. I’m female in my mid thirties, non smoker, half Chinese and half English, born and brought up in London. I have mainly got broad London with slight Cockney accent since I went to school and have been working in East London.

    I would love to meet an American guy and can share my British culture with him. I’m mainly into photography, English soccer/football and music. Can be friends first and see how things go with online/far distance relationship.

    • Greeting I replied to you by way of email. I would like to know more about you and share my background as well.

      Hope to we can communicate
      Sincerely M

    • Hello Fi, my name is Carlos and I live in Delaware. I’m originally from Miami (Hialeah, FL respectively), Florida, 41 yrs, and of Cuban Heritage. I was born in the states, but I’m VERY Cuban, hahahaha! I, too, like photography and would love to share my culture with you… I’m into nature and landscape shots, as well as wildlife. I like football, but don’t get to watch often. My email is

      Lets chat and get to know one another. Til then, take care love. Cheers

  36. Hi, I am 36 and currently live on the West Coast of the US, although I was raised in Texas (Southern US accent!). Currently single, I have never married and have no children. I am seeking a British lady who is 25-45 (roughly) and a non-smoker. The UK culture interests me as many of my favourite bands are British. Feel free to contact me at

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