Why’re Filipino girls dreaming to marry White Men when they grow up?


That is the question that people want to know. Filipino girls are dreaming to marry a white man when they grow up. Why not a Pinoy? What’s wrong with all single Filipino men in the Philippines? Why do WHITE MEN attract to these single women in Philippines that much? This article may answer some questions you on this topic.

My name is Ashley. I don’t want to talk down to all Filipina ladies. We are so lovely, appealing and sexy. I wrote this article with one goal in mind, that is to encourage you ladies find a white man for marriage online. My first husband is a Pinoy and I was still haunted by this relationship. I found a white husband and currently live in Las Vegas California. My life is pefect.

Filipino girls

Filipino girls

The media is the first reason that affect what these girls think about white guys. There are millions of Filipina girls who live in the West like America, Australia, Canada and so on. These Filipino Western girls prefer to date white men only. Most of them do not like to date Filipino men who live in the West. So, these girls posted their successful love stories online through Facebook, Twitter and online dating sites. As a result, millions of Filipino girls back home saw these beautiful white men with Filipino girls as perfect matches. That’s one of the reasons Filipina girls dream to get married with such a beautiful white guy.

Another reason is about the traits for these white men. No complain. They are loving, caring, romantic and strong. Compared with a Filipino guy and a white guy, oh man, a white guy is like a “Boss” and a Filipino guy is like a “Worker”. You can see the difference. Also, white men have been born and raised in a great countries on the planet so they are very nice to treat women, especially in terms of speech, communication, ideas sharing so on. They always let the woman speak what she thinks is right or wrong. They never try to be bossy or controlled.

How about Filipino men? They have been raised in a culture where women are subservient. Women are considered less value than men. So, decisions are usually made by the men of the family. Women can’t even share their ideas  and express their feelings. Many of these Filipino men who live in the West still can’t change this traditional thing. Most Filipina girls don’t like this. They prefer to be treated equally in the West. When these girls see things in the Western culture, they started to realize that women should be treated equally. They should have these standards in life, decision making, ideas sharing, career choices etc. However, one good thing about men in the Philippines is the traits of being caring. They don’t allow their woman carry heavy stuff.

Nowadays, Filipino ladies don’t want from an oppressive upbringing. They just want to find a white husband who can give them the equal social and economic life that they never find that in the Philippines. Most of Filipinas who live in Pampanga and Ermita want to marry with foreigners because of social economic status. Many of these Western guys marry with ugly and low educated girls. White guys don’t care about choosing the beautiful girls, they don’t. They think that high educated ladies are hardheaded. Many of these girls go for a white man because of the poverty. So, there are different situations for Filipino girls White men marriages.

In conclusion, Filipino women dating white men are considered as high status in this country. As you know, most Filipino people look dark-yellow so they want to marry a white man for brighter future for themselves and their children. Nowadays, they sign up their profiles at the Philippines dating sites to find white guys.


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  1. I am a Filipino, after a few years in a foreign country, so blessed that I found “my one and only”. Hubby is 20 years older but we’re happily married, I don’t need to do a thing, what I want I get, he is such a catch. Became a parent when hubby was in his late 50s

  2. It’s because the population is growing there. There are plenty of younger filipinas for the Filipino men. If their wife doesn’t please them enough they can easily replace her with a younger woman because there are more younger people than older. That’s why all cultures of the past were like the filippino culture. Here in the west there are not enough women for the men because there are fewer younger women than older men. Men can’t replace their wives so they treat them better. It’s just supply and demand. What’s interesting is that it’s not the ratio of men to women but the ratio of generation to generation that matters because men like younger women and women often like older men.

  3. Hahaha!!!

    Money. Filipino women who are “strongly” attracted only to white men, are under the delusion they all have more money than other races. They think the average white man will have “more” than the average man of any other race.

    As a black man who has worked and saved and who has well over 2 million dollars in the bank I can tell you that these same Filipino woman will divert their glaze to the nearest man of any other race who have a few dimes to rub together.

    Do yourself a favor and create a few profiles on dating sites. In the first indicate that you are a nice, but poor and struggling old white man and see how many hits you get. Then create the same profile and indicate you are a millionaire black man who is looking for a girl. The other profiles should vary.

    Also note that you can create a profile as a “black man without mentioning wealth at all” and note that all the responses you get will be from within the Philippines or in other sections of the world. Filipino women who live in the US (those who already have made it to the states) will ignore you.

  4. And because majority of Filipinos are Catholics, it s no wonder why most prefer to get married in popular churches like Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, and the likes.

  5. I see there are lots of naysayers criticizing this article. Well, I can’t speak for the entirety of the Philippines, but it is true most filipinas do seem to want a white man.

    I am a white man now 60 years old who has lived on Mindanao, Cebu, and Bohol for the 3 years I’ve lived in the Philippines. It is not uncommon for me to be walking down the street and a young, beautiful filipina ask me if she can walk with me or if I have a wife. I have been asked by many many filipinas if I want a girl to live with me – no strings attached.

    One last thing before I go. You will likely hear that filipinas are only looking for money from an old, worn out “cano” like me. I can’t speak for other American guys, but while I have been here I have never once – not once – been asked for one centavo by a filipina. They just want to spend time in my company.

  6. This is highly true. In NYC, i have yet to meet a Filipina who’s dating preference isn’t strictly white. Pro-pinoys here can deny this fact and go “don’t generalize us all’ but it is ultimately true.

    Filipinas are by far one of the biggest white supremacists who will likely bring down the population of their own people by creating nothing but half-breeds who are likely very disconnected to their roots. Interracial relationships isn’t bad but when it is way too over done statistically then the time comes where people should think.

    I’m not Filipino nor White, but this is a very common thing seen in major cities such as New York, LA, London, Singapore, Paris, Melbourne…
    8/10 Filipinas immigrants you will meet in a different country will date only white men. So when you start adding that up, what is left for the male filipinos? How can the linage of the Filipino people be that strong in various parts of the world?

  7. First of all, this is a bs article. I was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. when I was 9 years old. I am so thankful that I grew up in a town that has plenty of diversity. Italian-Americans, Filipino-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, German-Americans, Irish-Americans, French-Americans, Hatian-American, and probably more all were present in my high school. My parents never raised me with the concept that someone’s skin tone can be superior to the other, but growing up I’ve realized that other people’s parents have brainwashed their kids to think this way. Learning more about America’s past (before Columbus), made me want to learn about the full history of the Philippines as well before the Spaniards came. I especially thank my mother for not raising me to use skin-whitening products, or criticized my play time hours under the sun while I was playing sports.

    I am beyond infuriated at the notion that one race is more superior than the other. Well, put this on for a size: don’t you think Filipino men think white women are more beautiful than you? Exactly! It’s an estimate. No one should be generalizing their own truths on a whole race.

    I am with my Italian-American boyfriend for 4 years, and I don’t plan on marrying him until another 2 years. So that’s 6 years worth of trust-building relationship before jumping into marriage. I will not marry him because he is white. In fact, I was skeptical in the beginning when we first started dating because I did not want him to see me as an “oriental exotic” partner. I want people to like me for my accomplishments, moral ground, and interests— not my fucking race. If a person can keep up with me, then that person is a keeper. Otherwise, no.

    I’ve dated Hispanic and Black men. I’m sorta disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to date a Filipino guy because I barely met any of them and when I did meet a Filipino guy that I was mildly interested in, I was already dating someone else. It’s bad timing. But that’s the whole point! I don’t go out of my way “nitpicking” people by their race. To be honest, you’re just limiting yourself if you feel like your preference is only for a certain type. You’re limiting your experience and understanding the world more.

    Don’t have kids if you can’t support them. Don’t marry someone for their skin tone. You’re living up the expectations of what the Spaniards have imposed on Filipinos for centuries.

    Also, what the fuck?! Have some self-esteem and do your own dirty laundry.

  8. European white men are the best. I will have children with white men. I don’t want to have kids with wide noses, big lips and dark skin. Just my opinions. Most filipina ladies will dump their Pinoy husband for a nice looking white guy.

  9. Mentally colonized. Cheap. White worship. Self hate towards own culture and people. Very simple stuff really.

    May I add that it is horseshit that American man somehow are more gender equal than Filipino man.

    On every single measure of gender equality, Philippines is better than US! Every single year of Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Union, Philippines ranks better than US and Canada. Income gap lower. More women in higher management.

    “They just want to find a white husband who can give them the equal social and economic life that they never find that in the Philippine”

    So this is absolutely horseshit, brought on by white propaganda that Asian man are oppressive, when white men are actually the misogynist in comparison.

  10. “I found a white husband and currently live in Las Vegas California. My life is pefect.”

    Your life is perfect, your spelling is not.

  11. “As you know, most Filipino people look dark-yellow so they want to marry a white man for brighter future for themselves and their children.”

    My mother is Filipino and my father is white. This is still one of the most disgusting things I’ve read in a long time. Your children should feel shame if knew how much you hate yourself and your heritage. You are brainwashed and you’re trying to brainwash other women.

  12. I not see that when I was in the Philippines…Sure, all women like to have a good life, and know where their next meal is coming from, but what they want most is, to be respected, for who they are and to be loved with romance…They grow up in a male oppressive society, where men do not respect women, talk foul, rude, but demand respect without returning any…Most cannot hold jobs, cheat, and drunk…It is very very sad to see

  13. I got this posting on the wall of a friend of mine.

    Filipina single mom want western, American guy or American citizen.
    Write or call me (Abigail R Flores, mailing address: #101 Tanqui Lubong, City of San Fernando La Union Philippines 2500.
    Phone number: +639398249630).
    I am also 24/7 on my Facebook (nick Chary Hope or Abigail Flores).
    Get my photos or webcam on contact.

    She is a computer technician. I asked her about the story. She said her friend’s husband did have an online chat with this chicks. That idiot is married, has an amazing wife and good & fun marriage, but he still did stupid things like flirting and playing around with the chicks. That chic trying to say to the foolish guy sugar coated words just to get money and possibly American citizenship. The guy sent her money, and trying to hide his wife. Then his wife found out these craps. The guy is doing pastoral job and ministries together with his wife. I’m pretty sure this guy gonna lose his face and the good woman he has ever had. The most foolish thing is to trade the marriage for a garbage relation and give money to those hookers.

    I bet any of you get in a chat or contact with that chic, you’ll see better why Filipina girls & women try to hook white guys.

  14. Wrong. While I grew up having crushes with my Filipino classmates, they were not interested in me. I kept making excuses that maybe they’re just shy. But I’m your typical average Short tan Filipina with big eyes. Foreigners will blatantly tell me Im beautiful and attractive. It was such a boost of confidence. I met my young handsome loving American husband. I finally found someone who loves me as much as I love him. There are those who looks for money but rare, mostly just looking for love and respect like any normal human being.

  15. The article is a bit overrated : Filipinas dreamed of marrying white men ? Seriously ? I hope the reason for marriage is not just founded on ethnicity but rather on mutual love, respect and understanding between couples.
    If I am to say something on this, I’d like to begin with the education we get at home.
    Sadly enough, in the Filipino context, we have a different approach of education for boys and girls in our families. In poor families, the young girls do all the household chores while the young boys are out playing. It is so rare to see a family wherein everybody else participates and that the boys get to do most of the job – over the fact that men possessed more strength and endurance than women do. Now, in the upper class families, often times, they have nannies that looked after them. Rich kids gets to be nannied even when they are already in their 20’s. What I’m saying here, is that when these kids grow up, who gets to be more responsible and mature in their choices ? Especially when it comes to choosing their partners for life when they’re not taught to be responsible at the basic level  ?
    So that, in the end, the young girls who are already responsible at a young age proved to be more goal-oriented women. They are more mature when it comes to choices in their lives. The young boys, on the other hand, unfortunately continue to be playing around. Having said this, how many of our filipino men only like to party out, are hard-drinkers, and if they belong to the poor families, what they all care about are their fighting cocks and tricycles ? In short, they are never serious when it comes to their relationships. Plus the fact that we tend to associate masculinity with the ‘playboy’ image in both rich and poor families alike. So that we find most men cheating in their relationships. I’ve noticed in western countries, in general, the men are the ones taking care of their kids while they’re at mass or in a gathering. They are never ashamed to do that in front of everyone. In our society, how we like to think that kids are just for women to take care of , or that washing dishes are just for women to do ? It may seemed likely that there is tendency of becoming sexist even with regards to our household chores when they are simply part of our daily life.

    If for some, the Filipinas marrying white males maybe regarded cheap… well, what makes them a better judge of the relationships of others? Everybody is free to love… and free to choose whomever they want to love. Perhaps its still part of our culture that we need to change when we like to observe others and want to say our own opinion when it is not needed.
    And, if we consider that a Filipina preferring a white male as to be coming from a colonial mentality, how then do we call the Filipino men preferring a fair-skinned filipina/mestiza over a dark-tanned filipina ?

    I think not all filipino women are dreaming of marrying white males but yes all women do dream about serious relationships, about being loved by their husbands, which unfortunately for most, have not found these attributes in the local men. Besides, how many of our Filipino men find it hard to integrate themselves into the core of their family and married life ? Its not that they don’t want to, but that they were not educated that way. But its so rare though to find Filipino men who are family-oriented and loving husbands to their wives. I definitely have a high regard for these rare few…

    So for me , the bottom line here is education. If we do not change how we educate our children especially our boys, we’ll never be able to change our society. Then it becomes a vicious cycle. Because the men are builders of a society.
    If there are so many poor families in the Philippines, most often the fathers are jobless and hard-drinkers. Then we cannot blame at some point why there are women who takes advantage any the situation that would elevate her economic situation, which is, by the way, also true in other cultures that are marked by poverty.

  16. That comment is very racist and is probably one of the reasons I was treated like crap in high school because I am mixed Filippino and White. My mom is Filippino and she married a poor white man, not a rich one. I remember growing up in an American high school and the full blooded Filippino kids treated me like trash because they assumed my mom married my dad for money. To be honest I still cry about the way I was picked on and comments like all of these is one of the reasons some Filippino kids pick on half breeds like me.
    I used to hate my face and prayed that my Filippino blood would go away, even wish for plastic surgery on my face to hide any Filippino features. It is not only poor Filippinos that want to marry white men. I have fought with some of my male relatives that talk to me in a condescending tone. In America we are encouraged to be treated as equals, so if a woman wants that, perhaps she wants her opinion to be valued as well as the right to disagree with her husband. Also, over here if a woman gets hit by her husband the police will protect her. I have a Filippino friend that got hit by her boyfriend for many years and the police did not do anything. God does not like racism and it is unjust in any form. For years I did not even like saying I was mixed Filippino. I am married to a Filippino guy now, but he understands why I am so scarred I get scared to walk into a room full of Filippinos sometimes. Since I am mixed Filippino and white and was not able to have Filippino friends growing up, I am too old now and will always get culture shock around my own kind. It’s like I can’t fit in anywhere, all because of racist comments like all of these saying that only poor or cheap Filippinos want to marry white men.

  17. Filipino women love white men because they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Indian women suffer from it as well and that why they like Portuguese men.

    The European race colonized the Philippines and the dominate culture with always be the most desirable. They need to wake up.

  18. I wish my experience was so good. Why do Filipino girls I meet on these websites just want $$$? I met one who I thought was really nice, very attractive and communicated for a couple of months. I helped her out with some $, 15000 pesos actually and a tablet PC and I haven’t heard from her since. I wonder what she was after??? I bought her an airfare and accommodation at the Holiday Inn Manila and Borocay as well. We were going to meet up and have a holiday and get to know each other. I really want to get married and settle down with a nice Filipino girl in Australia but it has been just thousands of dollars down the drain. She knew how to break a heart that’s for sure.

    • Don’t you mention all Filipinas? Only a few bad Filipina ladies who try to make money from Western men, the rest are looking for lifelong relationship. We want to get married with Western men so we can work and make money in the West. Don’t just look at one Filipino girl and then think badly about all Filipina women in the Philippines. Thanks for reading.

  19. I am an Australian guy and after years of marriage to a self centred
    Emotional draining ,over expectant , spoilt woman I would never date Aussie women again !
    I have met a wonderful , caring , kind hearted filipina girl and could not be happier.

  20. Women who talk bad about their own men are often creepy. How can you write so bad about your own men. I am a white guy and my wife is filippine and she is a super woman for me. But I never talk bad about white women. They are often nice and are often nice against filippina girls who have moved to my country to married a white guy.

  21. Most of filipina marrying white have worst past life. Misfortune. High educated filipina dont like old white man. Not all filipino man are subordinates. Like me i have many white man subordinates.

  22. Wow! Did you talk every filipino girls that they want to marry white men when they grow up? Only desperate girls dream to marry white men who have money.lolz. When i was a high school student, i used to laugh when i saw a filipina dating a white man. They don’t gain a high status, but they are considered as “cheap.”

  23. Wow, what a pandering piece of self-loathing colonial propaganda! I hope some of your male Filipino friends and family read the kind words you have to say about them.

  24. Filipinas live miserably in the PHilippines so they want to come to US for better future. They also think about their children who will have brighter future. Of course, these Filipina ladies dream of marrying a good American husband when they grow up. However, the rich Filipinas don’t dream about that. Only poor Filipino women want to find husband in US.

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