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I am who God says I am "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! I thank God for each and every day that He has blessed me to see. I know through each and every one of those days He was molding me in to that Proverbs 31 woman. I believe the Message Bible says it best..."Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in THE FEAR-OF-GOD." In my younger days I tried it my way. Now I am wiser and want it God's Way

I love to praise God and I love to worship God. Its just something about the Spirit of God that makes you want to dwell in His presence. I like to have fun and but I also know to all things there is a season. I tried to not say anything but this is too much. This is my season to let you all know whats on my heart. Men, "PLEASE DO NOT SEND FLIRTS"!!!!. They are very impersonal. If you cant take the time and thought to send an email thats from your heart, then I would rather you just not send anything. Think about it,what does sending a flirt that say's "Im interested" really say? What are you interested in? How am I suppose to respond to that?? Now saying that, if you're just seeking friendship,(which is totally fine with me) then why are you flirting?? *smile*

I desire a man that is totally on fire for God. A man that knows he is the High Priest God has called him to be and walks in it. God has called for the man to be the head and not the tail and I want a man that knows his place. I desire a man that I can grow with in the Lord. That where I am weak, he is strong and vice-versa. And in the midst of us the Lord dwells.
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