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Seihal, Essen, Germany


I ALWAYS TRY TO BE LIKE AN OAK TREE TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I am a smiling face, sharing and supporting , accepting different opinion and delighting in music, art, Nature.For me : Life is Love and Love is LifeI am a master in Economics .I have additional qualification of a teacher in Foreign Languages.I am widow since 2010, when my husband, who was a lawyer passed away.I have a son of 25, who is on his own. He is not married.Deals in Agriculture and manages his own dairy farm.I am from a patri…

mamu000, Nairobi, Kenya

i love you

you are so hot

khila, Delhi, India

no love in dating sites

as my experience,no love in dating sites,only defraude,or games or sexual issues are discussed,i experience,lie,defraude,or fake identity in such sites,i was very optimistic for such sites but i saw only mushroom growing of fake identity,money games etc etc in such sites,very disappointing experience of adating for me,i am a member from last one year,but didnt get any seriuous women here,whom i can give my heart,who value love& friendship

litalim, Meycauayan, Philippines


remember everyone can love you when the sun is shining,but it's during the storms that you find out who cares for you...

litalim, Meycauayan, Philippines

dis appointment

its been a long time sense i joined this dating site and i'am so ds appointed because it is hard to find a real one here. It is very hard to trust because all i meet here are not honest and sincere. i hope i can find a better one that well laid into married that is why i'am here. i'm not here for sex in net please respect me...thank you and god bless you...

Zeeyan, United States

Be positiv

Mistakes are painful when they happenMistakes are painful when they happen,But years later a collection of mistakes called Experience Which leads us to success...What is trust ?? Trust is a feelingWhat is trust ?? Trust is a feeling thata one year child has , when you throw him in air and catch again , and he enjoys itWhen GOD drops needles and pins along ur pathWhen GOD drops needles and pins along ur path in LIFE, dont stay away,, instead pick them up and collect them..they were designed to be…

Zeeyan, United States

Be positiv

U r not scared of the dark.U r scared of what's in it.U r not afraid of heights.U r afraid of falling.U r not afraid of the people around u.U r just afraid of rejection.U r not afraid to love.U r just afraid of not being loved back.U r not afraid to let go.U r just afraid to accept the reality that he's gone.U r not afraid to try again.U r just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

courtneylee, San Francisco, United States


hi guys im looking for someone who can please me online. if you are interesteddont message me here cause im not here everyday. if you want you cancontact me on skype courtneylee0022 or in ym at'll looking forward that someone is interested to be the onewho im looking for. :)COURTNEY :*

lovelylook, United States


how wonderful our life in the world, how great and miserable it is, life is great and wonderful for our God created us in this for fairness... in the bible fairness it not referring tto wealth but it is referring to our life ..... to death fairness mean death . no one stick in this world forever! right guys

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