Rich Women Looking For Poor Men


Rich Women Looking For Poor Men on the Internet are increasingly popular. They use the Internet Dating Site to find such guys. Rich women seeking poor men who are handsome and strong is common these days. Of course, most of them are old and want to find young guys for romance and relationship. There are many men who want to find a rich girlfriend. Where do they find a rich woman? You can find her at the online dating sites. That’s right. There are many single wealthy women looking for young men on the internet.

Beautiful Single WomenAre you the guy who wants to look for a rich lady? A wealthy woman is the one who is flaunted with a luxury villa, a private jet, and an expensive car, and so on. She is out there looking for you, so what should you do?

Online dating is the solution to find her. If you go to single clubs or bars, then you are on the wrong track. Rich women are not looking for poor men there. The internet dating sites are the place you can meet a rich lady. On this modern century, people use the Internet to buys things and look for things. So, rich women seeking poor men use online dating services to find their dream mate.

What dating sites are the best to find rich women seeking men?

Don’t get fool to search for key terms like “millionaire dating”, “rich singles”, “wealthy women” and so on. That won’t work. You just use regular dating sites and search for “single women”, “American singles”, and etc. You will see many of these best sites that show up on the first page of Google. You pick a few sites and sign up with them.

Register your personal ad at such sites and write about what type of person you are looking for. Each day, you keep sending out some messages to new ladies, send kisses, instant messages, etc. After a month or so, you have many female friends. Go to read on each profile and find out whether or not she has a big home, expensive car, etc.

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

You must keep in mind that dating wealth women is to put yourself in a higher level. If she is a rich woman, then she must be surrounded by many cool and hot men. You should think about a unique way to win her heart forever. It is worth it to have a rich girlfriend, really. You think about your luxury lifestyle you are enjoying in the future, sleeping until whatever time you like, then have breakfast on the bed, going out golfing, eat dinner in expensive restaurants, get home, go to bed and enjoy romance. That’s life of dating a wealthy lady. Here are some tips for you.

Your body and appearance are very important. It is not only about your big and long “tool” size, but your personal appearance is the price tag you need to pay attention to. You are one of the below average guys about finance or materials so you can’t afford to pay for her luxury gifts and so on. What you have is your unique appearance that she can’t find from other men so pay attention to this.

Communication is the second most important thing you need to learn. She is a rich girl so she has power. She has servants. She has everything she needs. She needs a guy who is not only her loyal servant but also her loyal man who makes her happy and fun all times. So you must learn how to talk to her the way no other guys can.

Self confidence is the last important thing you need to have. She is a rich woman so she has power. You need to have confidence to deal with all barriers and conflicts in her life. If she needs to have some ideas, then make sure you give her the best ones to solve her problems. Don’t ever be angry at her no matter what. Don’t ever lose your confidence because that means you lose her attraction, so it turns out you may lose her. Be confident.

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Anyway, there are many single Rich Women Seeking Poor Men online waiting at Free Dating Service at, take action to find one for you.

P.S. If you are interested in seeking a wealthy single lady, then please write on the comment box below. Try to write as long as you can about your personality, background, interests, likes, hobby, and your personal looks, height, weight, education, marital status, and why you are interested in dating or marry a rich woman. YOU MUST WRITE AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES ON COMMENT BOX TO GET APPROVED.


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  1. Am looking for a special loving person ready to smile. I am loving and caring to little I can get I present to my partner with love as a sign of caring.
    Can I get one rich white woman on this earth as my rib. Am a black man From Africa Uganda. Let me see your response soon if you are the one. Well , am 43 years

  2. I am Raman, 30 years old young from Delhi and hunk personality. I am looking for women or girl for their physical requirements. Can contact 9811890241

  3. I really do not know what to say because I don’t wanna sound clichè to grab someone’s attention. Though, to find that significant other and build a life time of memories with is not just a hopeful perception of the future but a desire that I wish upon daily. I’m a fun, adventurous, kind but firm man. Who’s deeply family oriented but as a business owner in Florida, I get disconnected to them. So, having that older, special woman in my life, with dreams of building us up together and reciprocating everything essential that sustains a lasting relationship.

  4. Combination of poor n handsome are alot but the combination of love and lifetime is not avalable now a days .
    If you first line choose then you have to take long time because options are alot.
    But if u choose second line then you will get the men like me .
    So thanks n think about me hehe byy

  5. Dear Lady,

    Are you living your best life? Spending your days and nights in good company sharing meals, laughing, and relaxing while enjoying the strong arms of a man embracing you, your mind, spirit, and body?

    I am here. Ready and waiting for you.

    I am a strong, able bodied, working man. Looking for a lady to give care, time, and attention to the finer details of life – with me.

    Don’t be scared. Live this one and only life you have. Let me join you.

    Your dime, helps me give you the best of my time.

    I have maintained good friends and neighbors, all willing to attest to my character and the JOY I could bring you.

    6ft 3in tall, strong, well traveled and I enjoy giving deep full body loving to a woman just like you. No body part will be left untouched. Your desire, your command, just whisper in my ear.

    Yours Truly,

    Brooklyn, NY


  6. Is not because of your money that I wants to date u. Is also not because I want you to marry me then I begin to turn your request down. Is because I want a woman that will help me and her to serve God at all time. Pls read the bk of Eccl. chapter 3:1-9 is because of the love I wants to show you as Jesus Christ showed to us as He died on the cross for us. I am a christian based in Ghana ??. And can contacted on +233 0541701688

  7. Hi I’m also here bcz I’m a poor boy age. 24 looking a rich women who take care of fine and in return I will take care of her everything my height is 183cm color Asian. Body fit. And love to become rich

  8. My name is Kateregga Brian, a Ugandan looking for a white beautiful rich lady for true love and marriage. Hope to have children my dear. WhatsApp me +256755029095

  9. I am an easy going person who enjoy life. god is very important part of my life and I will not compromise my relationship with him. for any thing or any one.
    I am one woman man. I am not interested what you can give me materialistically, but what you can give from your heart because what comes from the heart are the most precious gifts you can give any one. my friend tell me I am very loving and caring person, who is too kind to people. you can be too kind to people? I don’t think so. its what this world needs for …… Love, Kindness, and compassion for all . I love creating computer art in my spare time, comping, fishing and I love dance. I absolutely love horses. i think they are the most beautiful animal god created

  10. Hey my name is Qaisar. I’m 30 years old and had my heart broken a very long time ago. I live in the Birmingham UK. Available all times and love travelling. Looking for some1 2 talk too and just bond. Is there anyone out there because it’s getting harder and harder to breath. 07404530137

  11. Not looking for your money just looking for a great woman that knows how to love a man and do things that both of us like to do and take care of each other in everyway..i love to travel…hicking..walk on the beach at nite in the moon light..just about anything…..

  12. hi im ali from pakistan i 30 old year age recpt all girls womens ilke this beautiful il??e women plz one chances ok i?thank? full ?

  13. Hi Im nelso,
    looking for a rich woman that will help me and my family from poverty, wanna make a business with using your money and help each other to build a good business im a poor man who has a dream to be rich with my love one, hopefully you understand thank you

  14. I am from Karachi
    Name Moazam.
    Age 22
    Widow, Deivorce, and Interested womens
    If you need me so Contact me
    This number 03116577747 / 03063731511
    I’ll be there….
    Beacuse i am poor.. I need some Money…

  15. I’m a athletic hard working poor man with a heart of gold looking for a rich woman to help me financially . She will get more than her money’s worth I promise. Straight to the chase . I will protect plz and work my way off for her as long as she is real and helps me with my financial needs . Make me an offer today . ??? 918-924-2005

  16. I’m Brima Kamara from Liberia, I’m light skinny in complexion. I’m very honesty and committed in relationship. I’m looking for a woman who will love me and we marry and spent the rest of our time together.

  17. Hi I’m Johnson from South Africa an I’m 40yrs. I’m looking for any lady no matter what age she is I don’t mind. I’m humble n honest guy whose willing to find a lady who will take good care of me as Im gone make her happy as she want. My contact is +2767 686 1275, email is .

  18. Am in Kenya interesting in love with rich lady no matter any country,no matter age,I will love her with my full heart forever

  19. 32, Smithtown NY, USA
    Looking to meet new people and have adventures. I can be shy at first until I get to know you. Looking for a partner in crime. I love rock music and cats. I need a guy who can take control. meet me on dating rich

    • Hello beautiful

      I am looking a lady or partner in crime. I am not working . I am South African citizens. I love going out, movies adventures and having fun with my partner. I am 38 yrs single and handsome.

      • I’m Fisayo Francis from Nigeria , I’m tall and dark , I love football and travel …. My what’s app number is: +2348090628426

    • Hello Mei, glad to meet you on this site. What you are looking for am the response. Am looking for my Rib and I feel it is you. I was Enthralled when I saw when I saw your photo. In fact your beautiful and if you are shy in the beginning that is the character of the right partner. Thanks Wei.
      I am waiting for your response as soon as possible

    • Hello Spring Mei,

      Prince Charming here! I’m not sure if I’m of any interest to you, but I am the catch of this little school of guys swimming around your post. Hoping that you’re still interested in finding a guy. To other you other gentleman… Sorry, Prince Charming definitely had to stop by to show you how it’s supposed to be done.

  20. I’m 5’9” tall brown eyes blondish hair. I’m looking for a woman who wants to make me happy and I’ll do what makes her happy ! Was well off years ago and was burned by a friend for almost everything I had. Want to enjoy the better life once again

  21. I amt very educated person smoke or drink..very spritual…use to have good bussnes but ..i have to shut it down because of compations….i lke to meet a rich woman to be with..and help her .

    • 336 781 9338. Want older rich women to be with an love. And she spoil me and give me allowances every week and what I need. And I will keep you happy

  22. Hi beautiful woman am Kelvin from Accra Ghana, am young handsome loving an honest young boy looking for a relationship with any woman who is are the age of 30 to 50 years, am ready for any kind of relationship you may need am young an ready to grow in love with any woman who is looking for relationship with young boy, you can ridge me on Whatsapp or call +233209978889 or inbox me

  23. My name is Kevin love from Accra Ghana, I’m a young boy looking for relationship with any woman at the age of 30 to 50 who wants to have any kind of relationship, call or Whatsapp me on +233209978889 I will be very happy happy to meet you, I’m also fun to be with

  24. I moved 2,200 miles with my now ex to, as she put it, “start a new life together,” only to be dumped 3 months after moving. My ex is now dating a lawyer. She and I are still living together for the benefit of our 2 kids, but I need to get out and would like the empathy and attention of an understanding wealthy woman who can assist me while also helping me provide for my children. It’s a tough situation, but I’m ready for a new part of my life.

  25. Good day.
    I am humble, loyal,brave and fun.
    I love adventures but also being at home and watching movies.
    I have a good carreer to keep me busy.
    Im from South Africa.
    Id love to meet someone loving.

  26. Hi am looking for someone who will love me and will become my future wife.
    My Cellphone number: +675 73517496 if you are really willing to say yes to me give me a call or e-mail me : I will be waiting for you patiently????

  27. I love a mature woman
    I love to have a woman with love in her heart
    I need a loving and gentle woman with love in her heart
    I am a 6.5ft man, 41, black, slim and needs a woman with all it takes
    I need a woman with all what God has blessed her with, including a good heart

  28. hi Dear , hopes you Fine There ,, its me Rasheed from Kerala India, any way I likes U and to b Frank with You Let me Know about you more, Hopes Kind and Earnest Reply, ok to +91-9562140940. ok

  29. Divorced man ,willing to be an affectionate companion for a wealthy woman.I know how to treat a lady.I think its only fair to put out front that physically im not attracted to heavy women.Ican enjoy their company,but not able to function for their pleasure.Im a white guy but Im attracted to Asian and latino women also.Im not interested in marriage,but Iwould not rule it completely out. Im very uncomfortable in formal clothing and always dress very casual.Im ULTIMATELY discrete,Never tell people about my female encounters..Nobody cares anyway.If interested ,Im about the easiest person to talk to.You could just text me at 1-360-790-4336 Love, Guy

  30. Hi all
    I am a good looking 51 years old man. Am looking for a good and rich woman who can take care of me. which i give her the love she need from me at all time she wants me too.
    Shrikant Pathak +919970209460

  31. Am Phillip by name.
    Am kind hearted, sincere and straight forward.
    I live in Lagos Nigeria.
    Am truthful and God fearing.
    Call me on +2348099453880

    • Hi all
      I am a good looking 48 years old man presently living in India Am looking for a good and rich woman who can take care of me. which i give her the love she need from me at all time she wants me too.

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