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Rich Women Looking For Poor Men on the Internet are increasingly popular. They use the Internet Dating Site to find such guys. Rich women seeking poor men who are handsome and strong is common these days. Of course, most of them are old and want to find young guys for romance and relationship. There are many men who want to find a rich girlfriend. Where do they find a rich woman? You can find her at the online dating sites. That’s right. There are many single wealthy women looking for young men on the internet.

Beautiful Single WomenAre you the guy who wants to look for a rich lady? A wealthy woman is the one who is flaunted with a luxury villa, a private jet, and an expensive car, and so on. She is out there looking for you, so what should you do?

Online dating is the solution to find her. If you go to single clubs or bars, then you are on the wrong track. Rich women are not looking for poor men there. The internet dating sites are the place you can meet a rich lady. On this modern century, people use the Internet to buys things and look for things. So, rich women seeking poor men use online dating services to find their dream mate.

What dating sites are the best to find rich women seeking men?

Don’t get fool to search for key terms like “millionaire dating”, “rich singles”, “wealthy women” and so on. That won’t work. You just use regular dating sites and search for “single women”, “American singles”, and etc. You will see many of these best sites that show up on the first page of Google. You pick a few sites and sign up with them.

Register your personal ad at such sites and write about what type of person you are looking for. Each day, you keep sending out some messages to new ladies, send kisses, instant messages, etc. After a month or so, you have many female friends. Go to read on each profile and find out whether or not she has a big home, expensive car, etc.

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

You must keep in mind that dating wealth women is to put yourself in a higher level. If she is a rich woman, then she must be surrounded by many cool and hot men. You should think about a unique way to win her heart forever. It is worth it to have a rich girlfriend, really. You think about your luxury lifestyle you are enjoying in the future, sleeping until whatever time you like, then have breakfast on the bed, going out golfing, eat dinner in expensive restaurants, get home, go to bed and enjoy romance. That’s life of dating a wealthy lady. Here are some tips for you.

Your body and appearance are very important. It is not only about your big and long “tool” size, but your personal appearance is the price tag you need to pay attention to. You are one of the below average guys about finance or materials so you can’t afford to pay for her luxury gifts and so on. What you have is your unique appearance that she can’t find from other men so pay attention to this.

Communication is the second most important thing you need to learn. She is a rich girl so she has power. She has servants. She has everything she needs. She needs a guy who is not only her loyal servant but also her loyal man who makes her happy and fun all times. So you must learn how to talk to her the way no other guys can.

Self confidence is the last important thing you need to have. She is a rich woman so she has power. You need to have confidence to deal with all barriers and conflicts in her life. If she needs to have some ideas, then make sure you give her the best ones to solve her problems. Don’t ever be angry at her no matter what. Don’t ever lose your confidence because that means you lose her attraction, so it turns out you may lose her. Be confident.

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Anyway, there are many single Rich Women Seeking Poor Men online waiting at Free Dating Service at, take action to find one for you.

P.S. If you are interested in seeking a wealthy single lady, then please write on the comment box below. Try to write as long as you can about your personality, background, interests, likes, hobby, and your personal looks, height, weight, education, marital status, and why you are interested in dating or marry a rich woman. YOU MUST WRITE AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES ON COMMENT BOX TO GET APPROVED.


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  1. Hi to all rich ladies out there, hope you are happy.
    Im from Singapore and my name Slamat.
    Im a simple, humble, kind hearted, understanding, courteous
    , openminded but hardworking and can be compromise, Preferably looking for a sugar mummy in Asia and preferably a muslim.
    Im a 50 yrs malay and lonely man, im about 1.65m tall but look far young from my age…hahaha.
    I hope to find some one for serious/ long term relationship, provided there is chemistry .
    Any interested lady, kindly contact me at:
    Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.

    • Hi.. hope you r all doing good. I am single well educated, never married 30 yrs. Looking for serious relationship. Financially I am not much sound. I am adoptive flexible and easy going. Interested ladies catch me on below given number
      9738459998 watsapp

      • I’m looking for a wealthy woman and I’m not a player if you need someone when your lonely or a true hearted camp anion I’m your guy from ohio United States and email me for more in I’m 34 as well!


  3. Hi ladies I am 56 year old lonely man looking for friendship with lonely women or sugar mummy who wants to be with me please contact me at+6592334306

  4. Hello I’m a 40 year old male mix with black an white single very smart 6.1 270 blade head chin straps mustache brown eyes loyal decated i hit hard time by helping someone i thought that love me i wasted 3 years just to be hurt an have nuthing and all i wanted was someone to ? me the way i love hard and i was betrayed an at the end i have nuthing ?

  5. Hello beautiful and lovely Chinese ladies. I am extremely excited about you cool and humble doves of unimaginably worthy characters. I am Siamwindi, a single and never before married man, a Zambian national living in Zambia in the Copperbelt Province of the country…a very peaceful, friendly and fairly warm country, in Central Africa. A country renowned for its cluster of investment opportunities for foreign nationals…and the Chinese are most accorded a high profile regard. I am an open and down-to-earth kind of man. I am aged 61, but still fresh as from the showroom, owing to the lifestyle I have been in for close to 40 years now. I have lived in abstinence( no sexual intercourse) just to preserve my prowess for the woman of my expectancy and longing. I own no material possessions, but I have all the virtues any serious woman desires to have from a man of worthy character. I am looking for a RICH but HUMBLE woman of CHINESE descent, a well cultured and loving woman, ready to accept and love me as I am in spite of my social status and external look/appearance. I am no professional man, yet I do have a great wealth of natural head-power to reckon with by far. I neither drink nor smoke. I can bet you will never regret should your bate get me caught after you have cast your fishing line into deeper waters. I therefore challenge you not to hesitate, not even a flick of moment, to catch me while someone is still dilly-dallying. I wait with unbridled eagerness for you to contact me right away before it’s too late for you, baby. I am fallen in love with Chinese women because of their HIGH reputation for being good home makers and their UNEQUALED commitment to marriage relationship, once they are given a chance by a MAN of equal regard to marriage union. And I am an ardent Christian who upholds all that God is revealing to mankind as His divine will for all who love Him. Kindly bid for your position on my personal contact +260955845663 or you can WhatsApp me on the same number, lovely and cool lady…then we can begin meaningful and fruitful chats that in the end could land us into what both of us have long been looking forward to (marriage).

  6. My name is Mugaga Antony Ayebazibwe from Uganda. I am an average sized young boy with an approximate mass of 68kg and height of 65inches. Am aged 22. I like making fun and Music is one of the things i like most i believe music can express every kind of feeling. I think fast and i like finding out and putting in existance what seems impossible to local people such as me (innovatin/invating) and I like computing. I have basic skills of web programming using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
    I am struggling to get more skills of web programming but i have failed to get support. However, I believe that any time, I will achieve what I need. Per now I just need a woman to give my heart as I plan how to acquire the rest of the required skills of computing.

    My private email:

  7. i am a Ghanaian of 48 years of age. I am energetic, strong thich and tall. i ahe a good towards women whom i am close to. i am looking for an older rich woman, to have a long lasting relationaship.

  8. Hi…im looking for a rich woman any one plz…im handsome and cool ???if u don’t Blvd Knock me my WATS app no 9077272663. Don’t just see and keep damn plz… Help me out thank u

  9. Hi…im looking for a rich woman any one plz… Knock me my WATS app no 9077272663. Don’t just see and keep damn plz… Help me out thank u

  10. Looking for a rich woman in the USA only to help on starting a trucking company that I have been in business since 2013 and lost out on a couple of trucks trying to lease buy.been driving for 32 years and know what he is doing by DOT rules and Regs and fully comply and start up training to get good Professional drivers. please contact me ASAP at a woman who is single or divorced who is also looking for a life time relationship as well.

  11. I am Israr Siddiqui from Karachi Pakistan I am a 25 years young men, I am looking for a rich women who can support me financially. Please contact on whatsapp 00923338037039

  12. Hi this is Akbar from India, I am already married but I want to marry again because me my family is poor but I one thing I will take care of both and equality

  13. Pls help me … I am looking for a scholarship for my daugther who is studying in South Korea ..

    I am AGUS, phone / WA +6285779310219.
    I am indonesian spices trading & exporting, looking investor.. I need capital to trading and sharing profit.. If you want business or travel to Indonesia, don’t hesitate contact me.

  14. I’m 5’7 in tall,muscular build.
    I’m a fun loving,caring person,that knows how to treat a lady.I was married for 36 years.
    I always respect there feelings,bad and good,which ever it maybe,and I treat her like she is the only person on earth.
    Note.I love and respect them,Would only hope the same in return.

  15. Hello I’m a fun retired guy on fixed income. Now single 58 yrs young. I do like to travel and do a lot humanitarian work but have no partner. Hard traveling along and if my partner can’t contribute it will be more of a challenge so looking for someone to share life and experiences who can carry herself as well. Thanks for listening and look forward to meeting you.

    • Hi dear writing in from london I am younger and intelligent hoping to meet a lady from london for friendship .think you are willing to give a try then feel free to drop me a mail and we can take it up from there. My email is hope to read from someone new .

  16. I’m poor man who looking for someone to love, I live in Liberia u can contact me on my number +231770385874

  17. Hi ladies, I am a poor laid back man who lives in New York of the US, single, no kid, 27 years old, college degree, 5’10 tall and 160 lbs, handsome and cool. I am looking for a single woman for dating and more. Write me some words, then we can talk.
    Email: georgets27

  18. Say I’m middle-aged about 51 and I’m in really good shape good lover and I’m looking to get out of being poor I just wanna live comfortably I worked hard and I need somebody to treat me right and I will treat you right.

  19. Hi, I am Jim Clegg, , I’m 68 years old I am looking for someone to love me respect me and take care of me I’m looking for romance and love

  20. I am Halir by name from Nigeria 35yrs old tall in light completion I love to have a woman who can take care of me and I promise her I will do all my possible best to fulfil her request from me. any age if she’s rich to take good care of me. thanks

  21. Im here looking for a woman who just wants to be loved like I do who has nothing but money and time for me honestly I feel bad for even trying this site or asking a woman whos rich to give me a chance but my life hasn’t given me much option I don’t really want the money or the good life just the good woman…. I am from Shawnee Oklahoma in North America..

  22. Hello! I’m Brandon. Currently located in Tamms, Illinois. It’s a very rural area. There’s only about 700 people in this village, and very limited opportunity.

    I’m poor, but I also know that I have a lot to offer. I’ve got a great personality and I’ve got a good heart. I’m highly educated in many topics, including some downright strange topics. If you want a guy that’s able to talk about any subject, then I’m your guy!

  23. Hello! I’m a poor guy. I graduated college with a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science. I’m well educated in many subjects but stuck in very small, rural area and without any opportunity. I’m currently in a village of 700 people!

    If you’re looking for a man with a great personality and that you can turn into something truly special, I’m your guy!

  24. Hi!
    I am 37 year old married person seeking a woman who have a requirement of down to earth and simple personality. I will take care of her all requirement.

  25. I’m Chris from Nigeria well behaved looking for a perfect woman that I will spend all my life with anywhere in the world.I am ever ready for me on wathsapp +2348035643309/+2348076479328.

  26. l am vidal from Ghana lookibg for a rich and humble lady to be with for the rest of my life my whatssao number if you are ready come let chat and get to know each other please stay bless my whatssap line +233547959224

  27. am Sikongo john from Namibia. my whole life i have been in imperfect
    relationships with girls. but i have a high interest in succesful older women and am currently 21 years so hook me up with ant single rich one. she must be a white woman or an African between 20-29 years only for further information you can always reach me at a lutheran church member and a religious young namibian man. my hobbies is reading,travelling and acting.
    am also a comedian by nature.
    warm regards-SIKONGO JOHN NESJOE from Namibia

  28. Hi, I’m Billy I am single and looking for a rich lady to spend the rest of my life with I make paint paddles I live in Kentucky can relocate for the right lady. I am 50 I stand 6’0″ slim build I have a mullet strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes I have a good sense of humor and a understanding attitude. If you are interested give me a text 270-978-9135

  29. Hello there I’m a 29 year old man looking for a rich women because they are Nowell of life and do now what they really want so yes I’m also single and don’t want to go old alone want to be part of a wonderful woman life . Am from uganda kampala

  30. Hello there I’m a 40 year old man looking for a older women because they are Nowell of life and do now what they really want so yes I’m also single and don’t want to go old alone want to be part of a wonderful woman life

    • Hi my name is levi I’m 38 worked oilfield my whole life so I definitely know what work is but my money management skills has kept me from seeing the fancier side of life it’s actually kinda hard filling this out because I was raised if u were the man then u support the woman but things are changing and my body hurts from working in the oilfield for 20 years so let’s see where this goes I’m always spontaneous and open to new things I hope to hear back thank u

    • I’m brian I’m looking for a older lady not on drugs or all a truck driver over the road for 30 yrs laid back country boy in Tennessee if you don’t have income then you know.

  31. Hi i m from india, myself Parashuram i m intrested to marry rich women who can be support financially and i couldnt question about age and i m very health fit person ,u may contact me +918951238214

  32. Hi ! I am Shahar bin Rashid staying in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. Penang island is a MNC heaven, tourism shopping and MICE state.

    Frankly looking for a second, yes a second wife who is rich or even a millionaire lady either widowed or single lady and whatever age, but must be able to have regular intimate times in bed. i want to give you my love and care and together 3 days per week. Existing wife is good but cannot have regular sex.

    I am 60 healthy(have a government doctor’s testimonial last year 2018) with no ailments except shaking right hand when hungry hi hi. Fit by hiking, walking, jogging, swims sometimes only. other hobbies are reading, cinema, touring, trekking and going to write a non-fiction book. Do not like cooking but loves eating(halal only). Not handsome but just good looking, but i am not photogenic please. height is 5′ 7.5″, weight 74 Kg. fair n a bit dark complexion, a bit brown eyes. Short hair frontal a bit bald. Can sex for around 3 hours non-stop and experienced make wife reach her peak 10 times per 3 hours, or about 3 times per 1 hour.
    i am a retired Admin Manager. You should check on me if satisfied with my statements above, by going to any police Station and my former employer.

    TO CONTACT: At the moment please just whatsapp to Malaysia at 011-52411150 or email to

    • Hello how are you i am man algérien looking for find good women for mariage if you want send me message in my email Hangouts is . I am handsome and honest in 35 years . 182 cm. 85 kg . I am looking for love with good women i am poor man but no looking for Money . I am Rich for give love . If you want To know me send me message .

  33. Greetings, Pristine, Precious, Beautiful Ladies:
    My intro: have a large ego, however, do not feel that I am vain. My handsome – although have never considered myself handsome – muscular frame does attract Ladies. Thought that was foolishness until I began lifting weightlifting on a daily basis. Am a wee bit slower, but still have all of my tremendous strength, and endless stamina as well.
    I enjoy immensely the company of an intelligent lady who loves to talk constantly, even if about herself. A lady who enjoys sitting with a man that she likes over coffee, tea, ice cream, fresh fruit, and/or what ever. A lady who loves to dance. A lady who loves strolling or relaxing in the fresh air; may be visiting the gym frequently, or may be not so often. A lady who enjoys sports is great, although not essential, so long as she understands that I love sports { some of the time }.
    And, this is of import: a lady with a great sense of humor who desires a man with a great sense of humor. A lady who does not feel insulted when she is not being insulted. This point is larger than most people realize. Most men do not realize that ladies are delicate in a wonderful way, and, sensitive. A lady may be looked upon as a beautiful flower. The man must water the flower; give the flower sunlight. A flower does not grow in dirt alone. It takes a long time for most men to realize this. Some men don’t want to face this and some men do not even want to hear this.
    She should love to grow in knowledge, but it is all right if she doesn’t want me to spend too much time teaching, he he!
    Above all, a lady who thinks, acts, dresses as a lady. I would love a lady who searches out what I love best. To me, a true lady loves to explore what her man likes best.
    QUESTIONS for ladies interested in me:
    What are you looking for in a gentleman, specifically?
    If we enjoy each other’s company and date, will you dress up? Hint: I will, and, I will for our first very meeting, which, of course, for the comfort of the lady, will be in a very public place..
    I will want to spend time with a real lady. A real lady has some intelligence. I’ve had my fill of brain deads. Never lying, especially to me – except maybe for birthday surprises! – is vital. Honesty, intelligence, promptness, faithfulness, passion for an attractive man inside and out, are all important and should be expected of any lady. A true lady is all of these characteristics. It does go without saying that she should not be a GREEDY FRAUD . Greed is callous, kills relationships, including relationships that showed promise; wipes out communication; makes for bad feelings and difficult to erase stress filled memories. Greed scars, destroys optimism, breaks hearts, cuts off hope, cuts off communication, makes women and men refuse to speak unto each other, unless the covetous one REPENTS, ERASES the smile of gladness, the thrill of romance and the uplifted face. I have had to turn one consumed with GREED and HATE on the meetoutside website over to the FBI, department of commerce and the Attorney General for FRAUD.
    She should ideally be about average weight for her bone size; a couple extra pounds is okay. Athletically toned is great.
    I know how to run a business, and can learn to run your business(es) in a short time, if I do not know already. If you make me CEO of your companies, I will do the income taxes. All of the executives will report to me. No one falls for the LIES CEOs spew, who heed their lawyers “good advice” to say: “I didn’t know”; “I wasn’t aware”, “that was concealed from me” CEOs ALWAYS know.
    Mother was strict regarding grammar. My sentence structure, speaking, grammar, punctuation, spacing, speaking, Capitalization, et cetera, is much more refined than the overwhelming majority of other men.
    I am weary of evil thinking, immature girls asking, demanding, threatening me for love of money. Had to turn one girl in to the attorney general and the FBI. She threatened me; demanded money because she “had to change her flight itinerary in order to visit me. She said she was in Accra, Ghana. She was messaging from a terminal somewhere in south central Kansas! Scammers are dumb. That is why they are scammers. Cheaters are dumb. That’s why they are cheaters. Am hopeful that none will beg, demand, threaten for money on this site. Withdrew from the other site.
    All thirteen that said that they wanted to meet me begged or demanded money prior to even meeting me, hence, { !!!! } before I could see their eyes and their gestures to perceive whether they were lying to me. Turned out readily that they ALL were LYING to me and wanted to COMMIT FRAUD AGAINST me, THEN DISAPPEAR!
    Time for the pleasantries: I love dancing, jogging, horseback riding, cats, kittens, hiking, swimming, roller skating, looking at scenic locations, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, tennis, softball, hardball, listening to classical music, watching the stock market and precious metals prices and history; studying history, helping people, especially in regards to income taxes, volunteer work and consumer protection; exposing frauds, educating people. Love golfing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, visiting unique places, playing football, basketball, baseball, handball, being brought to different places, and even “sitting by the fire” some of the time. Having ladies accompany me to wherever they want to go; a kaleidoscope of activities, concerts, sports, events, tours, recreational, relaxation, restaurants, make me feel warm and relaxed.
    A lady who LOVES to cook is surely not necessary, however, a lady who loves to cook is a real PLUS for me. Since the microwave appeared on the scene, have done very, very little cooking. I’m spoiled in that category, but, I love it when a lady spoils me – LOLs, laugh it off.
    Have a vast ego that only a lady of means could ever curb, and then, probably only a minuscule amount. May a well mannered, sweet, loves to laugh, humorous, never feel insulted when not being insulted; easy on the make up; loves to think, act and dress as a lady find me… God Bless you all. ~ hangout, cougar, skype: Nextaxpro, which is my User Name { often times, called a “Handle” }. Rocky fb: “Rocky E”

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