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Larrylynchone, 19830407, Mayfield, New York, United States
Mayfield, New York, United States
Living situation:
Good looking
About yourself:
I'm cool and calm. Grown from mind. Loving, caring and understanding with good sense of humor.
Looking for:

A perfect gin lady. The one that is cool and calm and have good marture thinking and also care about me.

Stetsonsierra, Mayfield, United States
Mayfield, United States
Nevertheless life is the best
Looking for:

I'm just looking to what's out there, not really sure what will happen but..I'm willing to find out..

bruce9inabox, Mayfield, United States
Mayfield, United States
looking for a responsible woman
Looking for:

looking for a serious relationship

kwartz05, Mayfield, United States
Mayfield, United States
Looking for:

i am an opened minded person who adopts people the way they are.

x2tu99, Mayfield, United States
Mayfield, United States
Looking for:

[The Omen] Hello...Ladies, my name is Michael. Im an ex-trucker currently on disability after turning over on U.S. #79 South down in Taylorville, Tx. in route to HEB Grocers W/H in San Antonio one Sunny Sunday afternoon.

There was an exchange of Blows!(Lessons of Don Juan)

Caught me on a tight curve, I had to let go of the stirring wheel while in motion (with windows down) and throw everything I had! Next my tires in my left side mirror were already two feet off the ground.

I was hoping I made contact before they knocked my lights out (seen it coming in a dream)wearing my seat belt and harness, I prepared for impact.

I remember I go!!!!!

I hit with a loud bang, (running internal diagnostics I was still okay)now the whole rig was slidding down the Highway coming to a ravine...if it didn't stop in time I'd roll off the highway and die via flipping repeadedly as I tumble over the edge and down the ravine!

This busted my back; but she stopped...I could smell Deisal pouring into the compartment! I kicked the Winshield with my cowboy boots and climbed thru the window still wearing my Cowboy Straw. An older White couple had seen me hit...I walked up the road where a sweet little old lady handed me a roll of Toilet Tissue; I said No Mame..what I need is to Shake this off and a Light to fire up this here Cigerette stuck in my mouth!

This is what I do in my spare time...write.

Grew up in St. Louis County, Mo.; thou the Kentuckian's have changed my "C.B.Handle"...I was known under several C.B. Handles as the "Missouri Kid"!

I was tagged out there by the people as "Mobile"...because I ran so hard...and evervesantly!

I added Mobile 901; signifying I was ahead of em? [9/11]

Well those days are gone now...but permanant memories to have gotten the expereince of actually living out there on that Big Road for a couple of years straight.

Getting bumped here, fired there, hitchiking there, arriving in orienation with yet another company.

Stranded here, and stranded there.

Finding work where ever you could.

Until you could hitch another ride!

Tells of a good hand, who wore a Black Hat, and ran like a true renegade.

A true White Cowboy Hat Marberro Guy!

Working on something...while living here in Mayfield, Ky. at my Mom & Dad's ran Christain Home for Men & Vets; whom adopted me.

Left the big Metropolitan area....only to become a Country Boy.

Those adventurous to seek a little romance, and can remain casual about real friendship, advoiding the Plutonic Trap...thus arriving to a plutonic afterall stimulating in passage.


Well....Im no pretty boy, never have been, I might have once in my life in my earlier days been cute, becuase of the different hair styles (ex-hippie)you could wear you're hair longer, and I always kept a perm, to coincide with my Jeans and Frye, Dingo and other brand boots.

The days of Rock, Concerts, Grass, Wine and Blacklight Posters Art, ect.

I can say Aestetcally Im a Hippie at heart, because u were'nt there! I mean you were...but My friends and myself were just cooling out, getting stoned!

I wanted many times for u to be there...but there remained a lot to intepret?

Systems's this is what Im a former college student attending Florissant Valley Community College...system's, and how they are constructed, operate, function, connect, service or become corrupted, usurped, maligned.

Geo-Global System's Analysis is sort of a new bag, or spinn encompassing several more traditional Disciplines from an urban Spec's Persspective having attending Harris Stowe State Teachers College up in St. Louis, Mo. (not wanting to be tied down strickly to the class room?)preferring to Field Trouble Shoot the problem? It was a lot to navigate...Macro-economics, Statistics, Socialogy, Religion, Astronomy, Business Cycles, Healthcare, Education, Crime, Armed Forces and Civil Management, Housing and Industry, Populations, projection, Salvation & Resurrection, ect.

So...bottom line Im an aged Hippie, who can count my experiences with you on one hand (thou there are many, many experiences, experiments)no...I do not possess a big giant black stick; as a matter of fact...Im actually Hebrew and Baptised White Baptist...Im Catholic.

I have nothing than u see....actually in common with those people, other than some obvious "tinchering".

This is where it all stops...everything else is Caucasion, mind set, religion, beleifs, attitudes, personality, orientation, outlook, temperment, ect., its all white.

Checking the Holy Oracle it was disclosed that a Hebrew man and woman although up to dark brown skinn, were considered by Gehovah a Schnimite...or White?

Starving Artist relocation program.

By Puppydog.

This is the only thing Im looking for, or attracted too. Im really pretty shy, and hard to get inside of, my personal parameter's or circle.

Why there are many reasons for this, I do wish for some releif from the cummulative necessities of having been Ordained to have to come this way!

I like a large variety of White Women; what guy dosn't like spectaculor Breast? I do beleive a have certain pronounced ploclivities in other Erogenous Zones which art "Latent" other words (if Moderate Sulfism were legal) would be too late for me?

So yes ...I do beleive in Fetish' healthy for a person...but where and how to run into others who are open minded and willing to accord a certain healthier range both in latitude and depth...under these economic and politically induced constraints and waiting in the Wings for a Crack at the Bat; allowed mistakenly to remain too handicapped (although everyone is fighting for me) is stultifying!

So in the mean time I study...meditate, pounder upon things, reflect how it ought to go, as I find myself day dreamin upon u?

I just don't want it to stop, thats all.

Day Dreams about you?


Signed...I must stay Devious?

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