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Moussa, 19790512, Brossard, Quebec, Canada
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
Living situation:
With kids
Good man
About yourself:
Good man ,,respectful,like to enjoy the life ,love the quite
Looking for:

A women with great honer ..respectable,,love the relationship, enjoy the life ,spend time to reading ,have fun, respect the house

sweetjj, Brossard, Canada
Brossard, Canada
Looking for:

Hi, who I am mmm, a guy...duh...a Chinese guy, oooh lol jk. Well I am kind, good listener, respectful, patient, funny can be my judge haha. I like to play video games, games, watching tv, movie, cinema, I go to gym for fitness, sleeping, eating, sports, etc. I am a student at some college and well I grew up in Canada but I was born in Hk(Hong Kong).

I am short...well I feel short...I try to get a hair style still working on it. Anyone a professional here? I could use your help. I ain\'t fat, I have a average body. Oh I like to dress properly, good looking, cool, nice, handsome(maybe) I am not a girl so I don\'t know.

I want to make new friends(you, let me repeat ahem, YOU, anybody). I am looking for someone kind, patient, funny, talk more then me, since I can be shy, interesting and concern. Of course I would love to meet asian people because I am asian AND ASIAN ROCK +)) lol. (HK, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, etc.

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