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I am a single widow, i lost my wife in auto crash last 2 years Christmas Eve, I owned a house in Stuart, Virginia and another one here in Springfield, Nebraska. I am a very honest and respectful person with a great personality. I would like to date a woman who is caring and ready to start a relationship. Laughter is a big issue for me, I love to laugh and consider myself very funny. Life is too short to be unhappy. I want someone who will accept me for myself and understand that I am not perfect. I want someone that I can laugh with, enjoy life's adventures and spend quality alone time with. I am as happy out with a large group or simply enjoying a quiet evening snuggling on the couch and watching a good movie.I really don't believe that distance matters -- one can be in the same room with another and have no connection while one can be on the other side of the planet and be close in heart, I believe we live in a "global" world and the entire world is "at our fingertips." So, I don't see geography as inhibiting relationships, but enabling them...I said am going to relocate for the right woman and I meant it, I have had series of jobs in the past that have taking most of my time and have now decided it shouldn't be all about work at this stage of my life but to also get a companion who we can sit together close to the fire when it's cold, hold hands, laugh with each other, go to the beach together, go to the movies together, we shouldn't forget we are not getting any younger..hahaha. I am a man who will never cheat on my partner because I believe that God made one man for one woman and so i should be like that, all I want is a honest and heartfelt woman who wants to leave the beautiful life ahead of us with me. Age weight, size does not matter to me, so my arms are wide open. Please do not mind the distance between us because, distance is just a flight ticket away. Remember, no matter where we are in this world, we laugh and dream under the same moon.

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