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Posted on 04/20/2009

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I look like larry in the 3 stooges. I dress casual.

I have a secret which I would like to share with you, if you are able to keep a secret. First I wonder if you are you able to have a meaningful conversation, and actually pay careful attention to someone`s words? Can you look at someone and really see their inner beauty when you stop and look closely into their eyes? Are you able to handle someone who is filled with vibrant energy, excitement, and passion? Are you searching for something more? Do you want the best for yourself and the person you care most about, like me. Are you actually ready to meet someone new who may be able to open up a whole new world of experiences? Do you have the capability to experience true passion? If not, don`t read the rest of this letter. If you are, that is wonderful because I would like to share a secret with you... Because I feel passion is something which a person can have when they....stop and remember a special time and place, sharing an incredible experience with someone so special, with a sense closeness ... as if you are magnetically drawn to this person .... who causes one to become aware of a growing sense of fascination and excitement. Passion is the spark ...which ignites the flame which consumes one`s mind, body and soul ... totally and completely. With me now I also find the feeling of passion can turn into a fire which spreads deep inside, and penetrates and fills the very part of you which you desire to feel the warmth of this incredible energy ... a powerful penetrating the point where one can notice even now feeling so totally connected to this person who can allow you to have this sensation which a person most yearns and longs for...deeper inside. Now with me, I find passion to be all of these things ... mysteriously connected together .... as if the hand of fate is coming down, magically guiding you to instantly connect with and touch that part of yourself which feels the most passion now.... With me, it`s as if you see the chance, hanging there in front of you, and grab it tight, because you want what is right in front of you, right now. And when you automatically come to the conclusion that you are compelled jump on this chance immediately, you`ll naturally realize that you are already beginning to look at things differently. Because the opportunity for new experiences and possibilities ... things you have only dreamed about before now are already causing you to have new feelings. When you can now look forward to the future and see clearly a new path to travel ...with me it is more than just a destination ... it is a place which you never before realized was possible to be there now... to find deep within yourself a special place where only this overwhelming feeling of ecstasy can be felt completely and fully... to become one with the energy as you become more concentrated on someone who can cause you to feel this way now... with Me I have noticed that one can give yourself permission to be completely free to explore all of these exciting new possibilities and more ... As I keep this feeling in mind with me through out my day, I am mysteriously aware of the enchantment which can be expressed in so many different ways .... Deeper still .... Passion inside now is the force, the energy which consumes your very essence ...deep down right next to the very center of who you are...and that which you most desire... left to chance, one can become spellbound when passion comes right out of the blue ... as their attention is absolutely riveted to each and every breath ... and the pulsating rhythm of one`s own heart... pounding with this amazing sense the wonder of new possibilities....the wonder of what exciting feeling will occur next... perhaps an explosion of energy which you`ll automatically want to feel multiple times ... even now, as I stroke away on my keyboard... I am drawn deeper into each of the words here, now, and even find that I notice the shape of each and every letter on this page, and how these little letters form words ... words created by them seem to echo and resonate throughout my mind...and if you feel very much the same way .... perhaps you may find yourself wanting to read this sentence again now.... because I find my thoughts drifting to a time where I will meet someone special, who is able to have this very experience... who can feel this very passion .... and who is able to share these very same feelings ..... When you want to reach out and grab what is right in front of you .... instantly ... as you suddenly become aware of this sensation spreading throughout your whole being right now .... and when you realize passion is the very reason for life itself...the energy which connects us to one automatically begin to look at things in new and different ways ... and see new possibilities ... and have new feelings which will delight and satisfy you and fill every one of your hopes, dreams and fantasies. And when a person can make you feel this good and causes you to feel these feelings to their fullest ... then naturally it`s time to reply right now isn`t it? P.S I am looking for a woman with no children now.
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