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Posted on 04/20/2009

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United States
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About me....
im flirty and loving at the same conversations is a huge turn-on. with regards to my social life, im friendly
to most people i relate with. i don’t choose friends by their physical features but by their commonalities
with my personality. those who love having fun as if they’re living the life to the fullest will best suit
as my best buddy. when i try to assert
myself, it’s awkward but highly effective. i do well with my emotions which are very strong.
i also dig into music, such as alternative, rock, and to all varieties the music in the
world has shaped. the line from a song entitled iris, and i don’t want the world to see me, coz i don’t think
that they’ll understand, when everything’s meant to be broken, i just want you to know who i am.\"
is the line that stays in my music loving ear, and it helps me to cope up when im down.

im 5\'5 ft tall 125 lbs green eyes brown hair trimmed
i wear practically good fashion wise

about my match....
that there is someone for me out there that
is destined to be my man. someone once said, \"say yes to possitivity,\" and there is nothing wrong to
to be optimistic when it comes to loooooove. i like intellectual men who will inspire me to know
a lot more about life and professional matters. i also dig into men who are mature that will help
me cope up to life’s struggles and babysit my fragile emotions. i love men that are gentle and caring..
if you’re the one, please leave a message, chantal_anderson20 at yahooo or hutmale dot cum
and please be careful with my heart
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