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I really would like to travel and would like to find that person who enjoys seeing new places and visiting old favorites. I come from the Ocean City, Maryland area and try to get back there as often as possible. I also value a rich home life. Life is short, so let's not waste time. Honesty is the best policy. I am looking for an emotionally-committed relationship. Must enjoy the simple things in life. Not a high-maintenance type of person. Nice fire in the winter. Swimming in the pool in the summer. Traveling across the country and the world. Cozying up with a good book on the beach. I AM SEARCHING FOR A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH MARRIAGE POTENTIAL. NOT INTO CAUSUAL RELATIONSHIPS. I give everything I have to a relationship. I know that we all have faults and I surely have mine. A good relationship is being able to communicate and not sweating the small stuff. Letting insignificant things roll off your back. Keeping a good perspective on life and not letting material things dominate you. If you want the same, then write me and we can talk. Am I asking for too much?

I love children. I think they are the light of the world. I would love step-children as my own. I guess I am too old to have children of my own. I do regret it very much. I have been told that I am a great step-father in my previous marriage. One of my step-children was a "special needs" child, so I have gained much patience in my life in working with children. I am always hoping to meet someone who has smaller children or would like to try and have another child. But, I am realistic about it at my age.

I really like traveling to beach spots. Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii. I would like to retire to the beach someday. I have one dream. I would like to get married on some exotic beach at sunset like St. Thomas. I would like to go to Ireland, Italy, and Greece. I would also like to travel and see all the great things this country has to offer.

I am searching for someone who wants to have a life-long companion. Who wants someone to lean on when times are tough and can be joyous when times are good. Someone who wants to love and care for someone else and be loved and cared for in return. We must live every day to its' fullest. Maybe I am a bit naive, but I do believe in "happily ever after" and I am searching for someone who believes in that too. You must share the same sense of values I have for life. I am a very compassionate person and want to spend my life enjoying every minute I can. I am searching for that special someone who can re-kindle that optimism for unconditional love that has been missing from my life. The one thing I have in abundance is hope. My hope is to find my "forever love" and spend the rest of my life with her. I have somewhat "old fashioned" values and it is not a bad thing since I have learned to treat my companion with all the love and respect that my heritage has taught me. My family descended from Quakers from the eastern shore of Maryland over 400 years ago and we are taught from a very early age to never get angry, be vengeful, hold grudges, or cause others pain in any way. We are taught that hope, faith, and love are the three parts of a trinity to model your life on. With love being the greatest of them all. Hold compassion for others, be non-judgemental, and forgive all. For we are all imperfect. I would like to find someone who shares these values.

Everyone needs hopes and dreams in life. If you believe in happy endings, so do I. Let's start living it, not just dream it. Here's to hopes and dreams. May you all live yours. God Bless.

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