searching 4 a lover soulemate

my name is daman i am from india i love to make friends from all over the world i am seeking a gal whome i can love .... dream .... i know wht women wants i am waiting 4 that lovely women very eagerly .....

baixueqi, China

Hello, my name is Bai Xueqi, I can, and you become friends? I am also looking for a boyfriend, I think you are a nice person, and you do not know can I understand

Attorney, Austin, United States

Keep on waiting buddy girls are very shrewed now a days and when they will leave you you will never know.
John Assam
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IGHODALO, Morristown, United States

I want to let you know that i am in recipt of you posting so i want to know how serious you are so i am a woman single i need aa am that i can be free with in all evry thing we do so if you are okay with me you can contact me via email

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