About me.

I am 100% real and down to earth. I truly am who I am. No pretending here.
Some men lie and say it's all about your personality and uniquely growing together in unity, but this man is going to tell you the truth.

There's no reason for me to lie to you just to get some. What's for me will still be for me. The straight, honest truth will get us what we both need a whole lot quicker and guilt-free. You see some people are just ships passing in the night. Some ships are meant to pass you by in a hurry while others will stay and dock awhile and afterwards the only thing on the tip of their tongue is your essence, but not your name. Believe it or not some are meant to stay forever.

I have finally come to the place in my life where I can honestly express who I really am and what I really want.

No I'm not angry nor am I bitter about anything. I've been on this site off and on since 2007. I am merely speaking from experience.

I am interested in those that are of my same mindset. I am super playful, naughty at times, touchy feely and fun. My match should be of this same flow. We can have hours of conversation, but like energy and chemistry play a very important role in transitioning to that long awaited level.

People pop up in our lives for many, many different reasons; some are here to stay, but others are just passing through.

We often reach a point in the interim of our lives that we are tired of being without our significant others, but make it clear in your mind that you will no longer settle for a zero - Go after a true hero. A real hero's sole purpose is not to rescue you from multiple bill collectors nor is he to be your meal ticket in shinning armor. A real hero will rub your feet when your tired and he'll sooth your heart when you're hurting. A true hero will know how to treat the true Queen you were born to be.

Take your time and really get to know me. Know my thoughts, my passions, my desires, my touch, my taste, my happy moments, my challenging moments, my past, my present and maybe our future. Know my mind, my hands, my lips, my tongue and my words. Get to know all of me inside and outside - of you.

If you're smart you'll figure out this code. Three people knew of four cousins that knew seven various languages. Later on in life eight hundred and thirty seven people were able to discover the secret lives of thirty eight people in forty nine different countries. Share your thoughts on that when you reach out to me.

Our very FIRST GET-TOGETHER needs to be somewhere quiet. A place THAT WE FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH so that we can focus in on each other without any distractions.

Walking along a beach or a park is cool too.
I am also open to coffee shops as well.
I want for us to be able to sit down across
from one another and feel easy about one another first and foremost.

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