The Woes of Dating online

Dating online seems esier in this day and age, I don't really go for the club scene
anymore, due to my age (ok, over 40 now) But internet dating does carry with
it some risks, IE; Is the person you are talking to/dating real?
are they really the sex tht they say they are, and do they truely come from the
place/town/village or country they hve originally advertised?
There are however ways around this to find out, including probing and asking
questions, other possibilities to try and verify someone could be costly such
as completing background check if you have the informtion to hand,
other ways of verifying include eidence of passport (ID), Skype, Windowslive
messenger and yahoo messenger, all via webcam. Skype allows you to hear
voice. You all wonder why i my be 'blogging' this;
Answer: to make your lives easier. No one wants to be in a conversation with a
scammer (and yes, i have spoken to and caught several in my time!!)
(often called 'Scam Baiting'). Scammers will give the sweet talk you then
profess their undying love for you after 2 messages, will often want you to talk
away from a website then possibly give some story about how they need money
to get home, moms sick dads sick and dying, lte uncle died i need to move
money to your account; etc...... these are just some exmples of the 419 scams
that have done the circuit and been altered.
We're all adults here (I hope) but must still have some sense not to fall into a
trap of believing lies. As a general rule; a scammer may give you a telephone
number to set something up that at the time seems legal/ethical, but what they
don't tell you is they plan to empty your bank account.
One very true story here: as a 'scam baiter' i got talking to a scammer, i soon realised they were scammers using an innocent persons pic ripped off profile or the web,
Went on bout needing to get funds out of Nigeria and that i could have 50%
for my trouble of doing so. Needed me to sign document allowing them to use
my bank account to transfer the funds into. At that point i realised what i was
in so baited further, giving them enough rope to hang themselves
This prticular nasty little scammer was from nigeria, was in fact a male.
at this point i 'played' the game and told them our national Telephone service
had cut me off so that was a no, and that the local chavs had stolen our fax
machine, therefore it couldn't be done........ that fax machines were like cars
here (readilly available) and if they truely wnted me to sign a doc for them they
would HAVE to give me their Creditcard details to buy a fax machine.
After a moment it went quiet, and 15 minutes later this 'scammer' got back
to me, calling me all the names under the sun, stating i was in fact trying to scam
him, (in his language he called me a devil), The moral of this true story:
be aware who you are conversing with, they may not be who you think they are
I'm fortunate in the fact i was security/cyber security for over 15 years so i
know all the tricks that a scammer will try to get your money.
If in any doubt guys, forward me any 'dodgy' message you receive here and
i will do my best to try and determine if it is scam, Have fun on these websites

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