i want my love back

I'm looking for an honest Woman who has integrity, a woman who actually stand by their words and mean it. someone who is very open, honest ,easy going and a good conversationalist.
Someone who is not shy about demonstrating her own passions with diplomacy and style, who likes to dine out, talk for hours, exercise, dance and share interests in the Arts.
someone who i can always hold her hands and take her for a long walk on the beach and the parks
Someone who will love me for who I am, someone who is serious about life but can laugh at life as well. I have no tolerance for game playing, so contact me only if you are sincere about your intention of finding love.

baixueqi, China

Hello, my name is Bai Xueqi, 28-year-old, I would like to find a people who love me, I do not speak English, I hope you can understand, we can learn about it? I would like to contact you and look forward to your letter

baixueqi, China


lilianjones, Jamestown, United States

hello,am new on her so your adds caught my fantasy and i stopped to say ,..............hi am lilian

lucy2882, Louisville, United States

Sounds Good.

oshanti098, Odessa, United States

Hi How are you doing today ?

salam, United Kingdom

you are sincere about your intention of finding love. Contact E-mail salami_smith2003@yahoo.com

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