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Posted on 04/20/2009
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I like passionate people. I want to meet people who give a shit about something. I tend to be very open. I am not loud or competitive. I’m lucky to have tons of great friends who love me dearly. While dating is generally entertaining, I suspect it’d be fun to have a great boyfriend again someday.

I've been in love before, and I miss that feeling and experience. I want to meet someone who won't be afraid to commit and be with me for more than a few months. I want to find someone who I can share a special connection with, and who will love me as I am. Someone who is artistic and creative and appreciates art. Someone who is emotional and will tell me just how much I mean to him.
I am a very compassionate person, who just wants everyone to get along, and has experienced a lot of people not getting along in her lifetime. I love to sing and dance. I know more than I probably should about the lives of celebrities. I am madly in love with the Spanish language and culture. I am very adventurous. By the time I was ten I'd climbed tons of mountains, rock climbed, hiked many miles, and crossed glaciers. I want to live life to its fullest. I'll rather love and lose than never love at all. I love to go out at night and just feel alive. I'm flirty, and sometimes slutty. *winks* I watch a lot of movies and lately the movie theaters are getting much more of my money than they probably should. I'm super caring and thoughtful, but I can be super energetic and crazy, too. People tell me I'm easy to talk to and tons of fun to be around.

I would like to find someone who won't play head games with me, someone who will take me seriously, and someone who loves dominating from a sexy and smart girl like me. I can't handle or rather don't like controlling guys. I am a woman who's up for anything, so I want a man who's going to be up for lots of fun and just about anything under the sun.
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  • Posted 9 years ago
GREAT WORDS. I HOPE YOU LIVE BY THEM! (too many scams on this site!!!! nothing personal)