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I'm the guy in the center of the picture posing. I'm not cocky or conceded, I I am quite confident though. I posed because that's what the girl taking the picture suggested. I teach 8th grade Math and U.S. History and also work as a personal trainer at Bally's. I have written several screenplays and have acted, produced, and directed several independent films (Mostly comedy). I also work as a bouncer once a week and tutor math and history on the side. I'm pretty easy to get along with and I don't judge anyone (Especially those I know little about). This probably sounds typical but I have never done these online sites before but I figure what the heck. So if you want to get to know me then cool. If not then hey, there are plenty of others on these sites, lol.

I dress the mood or situation meaning that I diversify. I can dress either conservative or casual...switching it up. I'm a bodybuilder but I'm not one of those freakish scary types, know what I mean? I can either spike my hair up or keep it down. My best features? I don't comment on myself.

I'm pretty easy to get along with and I don't judge anyone. As corny as it sounds honesty is key. I enjoy people who don't think SO highly of themselves and can enjoy a good laugh. Having a serious conversation is cool too. If you live in New York that's cool because I don't see myself leaving anytime soon but never know!
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