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Posted on 05/03/2018
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United Kingdom
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Buddhist / Taoist
Caucasian (white)
Mr Miau Seeking Miss MiauMiau.
In my own words:
I have been single for a number of years and i believe it is time to find a woman that would like to be in a serious relationship, a loyal, devoted, expressive, open minded, genuine woman that isn't afraid of being in love, a woman that wants to discover the good things life has on offer, a woman that wishes to depart on a journey if discovery, a woman with who i can grow old with, someone that can make me feel good about myself.

I believe that, communication is the most effective tool and that is why, i would like to meet a woman that is open minded, genuine with what she is looking for, a woman that is ambitious, caring, loyal, devoted,

I am not here to take anyone's precious time, i am an honest, expressive individual who wants to get on well with everyone, i do not criticize, i do not prejudge others, i am not here to pass any judgment upon others, i come from a mixed background, and that certainly helps me putting judgments aside.

I am an open book, full of real stories to tell, i am not an empty vessel sailing to the depths of the unknown without a set course, i am a person that is sailing a sea, a sea where the only path i am wishing to discover is the path towards LOVE.

I am a person like everyone on planet earth, trying to find the meaning of LIfe, its purpose, and experience it the way it should be.

The true meaning of being a person is the most essential part in discovering the Real you, the self that makes you who you are, and when you find the reason to why you are breathing then, that is when you are beginning a journey of discovery, and when you find someone that is compatible, that is tunned to your senses, you feel complete, you feel like you have never felt before, REFRESHED AND EXCITED.

I am not a complex individual, I am not perfect in anyway, but who is? I prefer to be the real me, and tell you that, you can count on me , you can tell me anything that comes to your mind, you can open yourself and reveal how you feel inside, do not be afraid of talking to me, I am not here to judge you, I am here to be your friend, a friend that is there to listen to you, you can lean your head over my shoulders, i am here to comfort you. THAT IS HOW I WANT MY FUTURE WOMAN-to-be, to feel at ease, to be around me and feel like she has never felt before. I will make you the happiest person in the whole world, I will make you understand the true meaning of what is like to be in LOVE, I will open your eyes to the reality that you always wanted to see before you, iI will show you the true meaning of that love i spoke about.

I will be there for you, hug you, comfort you every time you need me, I will oust every negativity around, i will be your protector, your soul mate that will shield and protect you from the malice of negativity, so, let me be your castle, your knight in shining Armour, let me defend you, and let us both unite the LOVE within us, and make that love the true meaning of our existence.

Do not despair, do not run from me, my words are true, i am not absconding anything from you, just believe in me, believe this love i have to offer, just give me that chance, a chance to make you happy, to enjoy every moment you and i can have together.

I do hope you do not find it boring, reading a long profile, that is who i am, i like to express myself, and I like to do that, i like you to see the real me, who I am as an individual, how I think about the world around me, what I am truly looking for, I just want to be happy, get that special woman to make me feel like I never felt before, someone with essence, someone with substance, and if you believe or think you have that spark in you, then, do not hesitate and come along, and I will listen to you, I will be here to hear your words, and whatever road you opt to walk upon, I will respect you and regard every moment spent with me, with the most honesty.

Thank you for giving me the chance to be heard.

I haven't been that lucky with real love, society nowadays is constantly changing but, I still am looking for that real woman that wants to be in a serious relationship, it is hard, but, not impossible.

I have been going out at times, but, finding a woman for that spark, well, i I haven't had that many opportunities, there is nothing wrong with me, perhaps, women are looking for someone with the looks, or, someone that says the right things, i am not that good looking but, I respect my looks, i I am what I am, and I always believed that, when you find someone that is genuine, expressive, kind, those are the qualities that should matter, not looks.

I believe that, I am kind, genuine, expressive, sincere in every way, perhaps, most people do not like a genuine person like myself, but, that is who i am, i may not have the looks etc, but, i am a person that still believes in love, over the Internet it may be an impossible thing, but, anything is possible, if we are here for a reason, then, let's see how we define that reason.

Remember, love is the purest of symphonies around, and if you look after that symphony, then, you have it all, you have the world under your feet, and with that, the world will be a better place to live.

There are many people around the world that use websites to find friends, or someone to talk to, anything can happen online, we just have to be honest and respect that person we are talking to.

It does not matter how far a person is from another, i have always believed that, when you love someone, you can overcome boundaries, you can overcome distances, and for love anyone would do anything, isn't happiness what we are all looking for?

Do you think that, we are here for no purpose? we all have a purpose here, whether it is to meet a person who will make you feel happy, or someone who you want to talk to, or even, just a friend, that will be there for you, whatever your purpose that you set out to reach, reach it, get it, and never let it go.

I talk a lot about love because it means a lot to me, it is the most amazing emotion one can have on planet earth , it is the most amazing time when someone feels wanted, cared for, and loved, isn't that what you want to have as well? Loved and being loved?

So, let me tell you something.... if you are here for the purpose of finding someone then, grab that opportunity, talk to that person, let that person know how you feel, let the conversation flow and see where it ends, and if that person isn't for you then, that is how it is...
Looking for:
Body type:
5' 9"
Dark Brown
Living Situation:
With parents
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy
TV Watching:
Documentaries, Movies
Portuguese, Spanish, English
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
Not sure
Professional Life
Some High School
Employment Status:
Less than $24,999
Attend Services:
More than once a week
Political Views:
Not political
Sense of Humor:
Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Travel, Reading, Listening to Music, Movies, Family
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