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Kansas City, United States
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5' 10"
Dark brown
Caucasian (white)
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Some college
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Food Service
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I’m 22 years old and I'm moving up the chain of command of Taco Bell and maybe running my own store and doing massage as a Part Time job. I couldn't do all with without my best friend and father Jesus Christ. I love singing and giving people smiles. I like to stay in my room all alone and mind my own business. But I love sleeping. I like to stay up late and have fun. Also to help my female friends with thier problems with their boyfriends. Oh yes I love shopping and helping women pick out clothes. Lion King.Interests:So oh my gosh if you want to know my interests I'll spill them all out. I Love smiling and being cheery. I love people and socializing with them. Singing along with songs and I like to have the spotlight. It Must Be Love I fall a sparrow and fly like a dove. Also Mountain Dew is the best drink ever. Wedding is something I would like to be outdoors with jeans and all. I'm interested in living life. I love giving my honest opinions about you if you ask. So don't ask cause you'll get a truth. Also talking to my friends. My interests are school, job, jesus, and just having fun. I like to stay up late and have fun. Also just like to get on facebook and just talk. A good woman that I would love to find is going to be disccussed. But instead of me finding GOD will bring the one when I'm ready

Some my interests are coming to me more and its being independant and learning about body language. Also learning about different types of government. I i want to find a woman who likes to have fun, respectful, loyal, eccentric and a girl who treats me well.A woman I want is a woman who knows what fun is like video games, movies, likes romantic scenes, loves gentlemen and just having a good time. Also has her vehicle and job.

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