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Thimphu, Bhutan
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Does anyone read profiles? Well if you do, here goes. We all have an idea of what we want. For me it is simple. To walk down the street holding hands, laughing, playing without a care in the world and we have eyes only for each other. I am looking for a deep and genuine love. I have made many mistakes in my lifetime. But the one mistake I didn't make is being in love. The one thing I can say is that I am an unbelievable romantic.I will, for the woman I love, give flowers, always open the car door, always get up from my seat when she leaves the table and when she returns. No one has ever called me forgetable. I have a way of engaging and listening to people and it is with humor that I approach every day. Making people laugh or smile and feel at ease is my gift. That said, I can be fairly serious person. I know the importance of approching people in a supportive way .So now let me tell you what I'm looking for in a woman. Physical attraction and chemistry are important to me, but both alone won't be enough to keep me interested. You have to have strong values and beliefs, ie; loyality, intergrity,empathay and acute social conscience. Someone who is kind to others who has an open heart and is ready to recieve the one person who was born to be in their life . A woman that is ready to share her life and willing to let him become part of her life and is happy when she hears him put the key in the door. Happy to get up on a Sunday morning with coffee on the sofa and share the nice times together and then head out for brunch. If some lives form a perfect circle, others take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Loss has been a part of my journey. But it has also shown me what is precious. So has a love for my child which I can only be truely grateful but i also would like to find the love of a special woman. You can chose between yesterday and tomorow without looking back with regrets. Remembering yesterday is history today. You can live your life every day as it is your last, knowing you have internal and external beauty that has no comparison to any other woman. You were born to make a difference because you touch so many lives in so many different ways . You can express your feelings without being judged. You can accept advise with out criticism. You can openly talk about your feelings .The things that you love to do, travel, Broadway, museums, excerise mind and body.Who you are: sassy, sweet, open minded, creative, intelligent, passionate, fun to be with, and never having enough hours in the day to do what you want. You love to dress up or down with your high heels. You will love to go anywhere, anytime. Your bags are packed and ready to go .Well now its up to you.Thank you for visiting, and best wishes in your search for happiness.

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