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......... I love sharing sunrises and sunsets, I like to look at the beauty of the world with macro vision ... I am Thankful, for my life..this far, have no regrets, other than time... . I have been a widow for 1 and a half years now.. I have found lonesome and lonely to be two different feelings..
... I am raising a 14 year old that my husband and I adopted, at birth. He is great fun.. Lets me cheat at basketball, and if I could I would cheat at chess too.
....I love the outdoors.... yet also like to dress up for a special outing..
..........I hope if you find your goddess here ...that you make sure she knows that she is.. and that you kiss her often write her love notes, and make her things for she will cherish this more than you will know... Best wishes...

I 5'9', too skinny, I decorate and wear hats to town, it catches peoples eye, long enough to give them a smile or a nod, for I believer if we can share any happy moment .. it matters .. "Pay it forward" would be lovely for the world as it is...

I hope to find a man that loves with all his heart as I do.. I would hope for him to have several hobbies. Plans to retire to something not from something...He must like to cuddle and kiss often...
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