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Posted on 04/20/2009

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I'm man looking for a female who's open minded to have correspondence with while I'm stuck in africa. If I meet the right one we could possibly take our relationship to the streets. I'm a strong, sexy, smart, independent male with many goals and lots of drive. I love to have fun and need a real female by my side to hold it down with. I need a female with good conversation, intelligence, street smarts and one who knows how to treat a man. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home. I'm willing to relocate. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches. I like to party and have fun. I don't want no more drama in my life. I live life in the fast lane but am willing to see what it is like to chill out and just be. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talk. I'm a real man looking for a real female.What I've learned from my past relationships: I am a sexy, loyal, and devoted man who's looking for a female to please me. Someone to share personal moments with, enjoy life and to firmly hold the blessings of a lasting and undying happiness. I am one man born to please not to tease. I am educated with high goals, morals, and integrity. I am a once in a life time offer, every man and woman's dream. I am willing to relocate to a secure foundation a steady relationship and to meet the terms, "The sky is the limit.Here is my Yahoo instant messenger ID : chris_lori05 at yahoo dot com
Always Chris.......

Feeling alone tonight
lost in my thoughts and I'm
missing you so much.
I wish to feel the touch of
your hand in mine and your kisses on my lips.
Making me feel not so alone without you tonight.
For I know you 're thinking of me
in the same way as I am thinking you tonight.
Wishing my hands to be caressing you and
my lips tenderly kissing your lips .
Let us never feel alone and lonely again,
for our love is deeply embedded in our hearts and
our souls are joined as one .

I passed a circus clown
short and very fat
He seems so very jolly
as he sweetly tipped his hat

Just like me he had a smile
so real on the outside
No one could know my heart
of the "brokeness" I hide

Ever since the day you left
my eyes cannot stop crying
And this broken heart of mine
each day has been slowly dying

Don't be fooled by the smile you see
the imitation that's on my face
Because what is on the inside
in my heart is a different case

Forgive me dear, come back to me
and my heart will sing again
Let's you and I start anew
as when our love first began
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