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Posted on 07/11/2019

General details
I am:
Seeking a:
Zip Code:
Caucasian (white)
One in a million
In my own words:
About Myself
I am one in a million, I perfectly know who I am and what I am. I am someone important, I don't have anything else to prove to anybody in this world.
I am gifted, hard worker, caring man. I am very successful in business, working in nance. I am giving or investing most of my fortune to help the poorest people and to make a better world.
I am fighting to develop biological products to eradicate chemicals from our planet.
I am spending my time in permanent contact with over-the-top upper class people: researchers, artists, men of power, presidents, kings, ministres, CEO`s, real high profile financial executives, billionaires (Mostly the one's willing to help the poorest and weakest on our planet and giving most of their fortune to help any long term and sustainable developpement.)
I do my best to help the poorest countries to pass from a status of being assisted to a status of being a developing country (just to start!)
I am also a philanthropist, art collector, music lover, extreme sports lover. I race, drive, sail, y almost everything existing. I love my 16 years old son (living with his mother), my 1,500 grams Yorkshire, Paris, love, nature, etc.
I cherish intelligence as mush as nice looking bodies, art as much as kindness. Cars and bikes as much as boats and planes or helicopters.
I dislike stupidity, politicians, racists, bimbos, superficial people and wasting my time; almost as I like peace, beauty, love, sea, sex, sun and speed (but remaining safe!). I also like Picasso, Chagall, Lempicka, Lichtenstein, Miro, Kandinsky, Malevich, Elton John, Sting, the Pink Floyd, most of the English pop/rock music.
I want a very smart AND educated AND very beautiful women in my life to make a new family with her.
About my partner (age range 21 - 35 / 23 - 27 preferred)
Update due to too many unwanted contact requests:
Please do not waste your time to answer me if you are a simple (normal) person. I only want one over a million.
You must be a real princess.
This is a NO-GO for me if you do not:
- Speak a good English over the phone / Above 120 IQ / No child / below 35 years old / Naturally elegant (I hate bimbos and barbies and any kind of vulgarity) / Beautiful, not exceeding size 36 / medium size breast, between 80B and 90c. / Natural colour hair / Clear coloured eyes: Green, Blue, Grey
You must already BE someone with a strong personality and goals to achieve in your live.
I only want to discover my princess that has been lost in translation, born in the wrong place. I will repair that space-time error.
She is extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent and she is gifted with a particular skill.
In addition, she is also gifted by her sex drive, intellectual and physical capabilities and she is a family oriented person.


Original request:
I will only be able to match with someone highly educated, highly intelligent AND very nice looking.
You must be willing to relocate in Pari, practice an excellent english and a good French.
Don't ever think about writing me if you are cheating about your status or your pictures, I only want the real true.
As I am a real rich person, I have to protect myself (and yourself if your are the one!).
I have a security officer with professionals contacts in all countries all over the world, including Eastern Countries.
He will make an investigation about any potential partner I will consider to invite to join me in Paris. If you have any criminal records, if you claim diplomas and skills you do not have, he will find it quick! Forget any option like this with me.
Don't come to me if you do not match my requirements.
Even with such a narrow eld of research, I already have lost of contact to consider and dating websites are a way too much time consuming to spend any time with unsolicited offers.
Girl profile: I am not at all interested in any kind of bimbo, vulgar, show off, low profile and poorly educated girl. I cherish education, culture, elegance, intelligence. I am only interested in a girl over 10,000, maybe 1 over a million (which still make around 500 women matching my taste in this world, this is 499 exceeding my request)

I would like to meet a woman: between 23 and 27 years old
My future princess was born by mistake in your country and she is from a normal family that is absolutely not understanding why she thinks she is a princess and as she should be in a "royal" environment.
Today, she is extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent and she is gifted with a particular skill. In addition, she is also gifted by some particular (artistic, professional, whatever) and sensual capabilities and she is a family oriented person.
I want a real full time professional, active, sexual, intellectual and emotional partnership.
I want someone that looks nice when she is natural, please show me real live pictures at wake-up, no studio, no makeup, no photoshop, just you!
How about your skills, your willingness to re-locate, learn a new language, live in other countries, totally change your life?
Are you motivated enough to start a new life almost from scratch?
Everything will be new for you.
You will not be alone as there are 200,000 to 500,000 Russians living in France, most probably 2/3 in Paris! I will give all my love and support to help her to feel home in a new life.
Can you be that one by chance?
Looking for:
Body type:
5' 9"
Dark Brown
Living Situation:
With pets, Alone
Social Setting:
Better in small groups
TV Watching:
Documentaries, Movies, News Junkie
Spanish, Italian, French, English
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Have Kids:
Yes - but not at home
Want (more) kids:
Professional Life
Employment Status:
Banking / Financial Services / Real Estate
More than $150,000
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Middle of the road
Sense of Humor:
Dry / Sarcastic, Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Health / Fitness, Playing Sports, Television, Computers / Internet, Travel, Theater, Watching Sports, Reading, Listening to Music, Family, Community Service, Arts
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