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Posted on 02/20/2019
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I am:
Seeking a:
United States
Silver Spring
Zip Code:
Christian / Other
Caucasian (white)
Need a Lady to take great care of me;
In my own words:
I will take great care of you:

Greetings: have a large ego, however, do not feel that I am vain. My handsome - although have never considered myself handsome - muscular frame does attract Ladies. Thought that was foolishness until I began lifting weightlifting on a daily basis. Am a wee bit slower, but still have all of my tremendous strength, and endless stamina as well.

I enjoy immensely the company of an intelligent lady who loves to talk constantly, even if about herself. A lady who enjoys sitting with a man that she likes over coffee, tea, ice cream, fresh fruit, and/or what ever. A lady who loves to dance. A lady who loves strolling or relaxing in the fresh air; may be visiting the gym frequently, or may be not so often. A lady who enjoys sports is great, although not essential, so long as she understands that I love sports { some of the time }.
And, this is of import: a lady with a great sense of humor who desires a man with a great sense of humor. A lady who does not feel insulted when she is not being insulted. This point is larger than most people realize. Most men do not realize that ladies are delicate in a wonderful way, and, sensitive. A lady may be looked upon as a beautiful flower. The man must water the flower; give the flower sunlight. A flower does not grow in dirt alone. It takes a long time for most men to realize this. Some men don't want to face this and some men do not even want to hear this.
She should love to grow in knowledge, but it is all right if she doesn't want me to spend too much time teaching, he he!
Above all, a lady who thinks, acts, dresses as a lady. I would love a lady who searches out what I love best. To me, a true lady loves to explore what her man likes best.

QUESTIONS for ladies interested in me:
What are you looking for in a gentleman, specifically?
If we enjoy each other's company and date, will you dress up? Hint: I will, and, I will for our first very meeting, which, of course, for the comfort of the lady, will be in a very public place..

I will want to spend time with a woman who is intelligent. I've had my fill of brain deads. Never lying, especially to me - except maybe for birthday surprises! - is vital. Honesty, intelligence, promptness, faithfulness, passion for an attractive man inside and out, are all important and should be expected of any lady. A true lady is all of these characteristics. It does go without saying that she should not be a GREEDY FRAUD . Greed is callous, kills relationships, including relationships that showed promise; wipes out communication; makes for bad feelings and difficult to erase stress filled memories. Greed scars, destroys optimism, breaks hearts, cuts off hope, cuts off communication, makes women and men refuse to speak unto each other, unless the covetous one REPENTS, ERASES the smile of gladness, the thrill of romance and the uplifted face. I have had to turn one consumed with GREED and HATE on the meetoutside website over to the FBI, department of commerce and the Attorney General for FRAUD.
She should ideally be about average weight for her bone size; a couple extra pounds is okay. Athletically toned is great.
I know how to run a business, and can learn to run your business(es) in a short time. If you make me CEO of your companies, I will do the income taxes. All of the executives will report to me. No one falls for the LIES CEOs spew, who heed their lawyers "good advice" to say: "I didn't know"; "I wasn't aware", "that was concealed from me" CEOs ALWAYS know.

Mother was strict regarding grammar. My sentence structure, speaking, grammar, punctuation, spacing, speaking, Capitalization, et cetera, is much more refined than the overwhelming majority of other men.

I am weary of evil thinking, immature girls asking, demanding, threatening me for love of money. Had to turn one girl in to the attorney general and the FBI. She threatened me; demanded money because she "had to change her flight itinerary in order to visit me. She said she was in Accra, Ghana. She was messaging from a terminal somewhere in south central Kansas! Scammers are dumb. That is why they are scammers. Cheaters are dumb. That's why they are cheaters. Am hopeful that none will beg, demand, threaten for money on this site. Withdrew from the other site.
Out of all thirteen that wanted to meet me begged or demanded money prior to even meeting me { !!!! } so that I could see their eyes and their gestures to perceive whether they were lying to me. Turned out readily that they ALL were LYING to me; attempting to SCAM me!

For the pleasantries: I love dancing, jogging, horseback riding, cats, kittens, hiking, swimming, roller skating, looking at scenic locations, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, tennis, softball, hardball, listening to classical music, watching the stock market and precious metals prices and history; studying history, helping people, especially in regards to income taxes, volunteer work and consumer protection; exposing frauds, educating people. Love golfing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, visiting unique places, playing football, basketball, baseball, handball, being brought to different places, and even "sitting by the fire" some of the time. Having ladies accompany me to wherever they want to go; a kaleidoscope of activities, concerts, sports, events, tours, recreational, relaxation, restaurants, makes me feel warm and relaxed.

A lady who LOVES to cook is surely not necessary, however, a lady who loves to cook is a real PLUS for me. Since the microwave appeared on the scene, have done very, very little cooking. I'm spoiled in that category, but, I love it when a lady spoils me - LOLs, laugh it off.

Have a vast ego that only a lady of means could ever curb, and then, probably only a minuscule amount. May a well mannered, sweet, loves to laugh, humorous, never feel insulted when not being insulted; easy on the make up; loves to think, act and dress as a lady find me... God Bless you all. ~ hangout, skype: Nextaxpro, which is my User Name { often times, called a "Handle" }. Rocky fb: "Rocky E"
Looking for:
Activity Partner
Body type:
5' 8"
Light Brown
Living Situation:
Social Setting:
Comic Relief, Better in small groups, Somewhat shy
TV Watching:
Documentaries, Movies, Sports Nut, News Junkie, Reality show addict
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Have Kids:
Yes - but not at home
Professional Life
Employment Status:
Clerical / Administrative
Less than $24,999
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Very conservative
Sense of Humor:
Goofy, Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Health / Fitness, Playing Sports, Crafts, Gardening, Computers / Internet, Theater, Watching Sports, Reading, Photography, Listening to Music, Family, Dining, Dancing, Community Service
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