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Cleveland, United States
Just friends or pen pals
5' 0"
Caucasian (white)
Professional life
College grad
Employment status:
Dancing, Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to music, Reading, Watching sports, Travel, Cooking, Gardening, Playing music, Playing sports
Looking for:

An old friend wrote what his first impression was of me, "witty, with a smart mouth and arresting good looks..." You may find me feminine, with a softly athletic build, graceful and artistic. With simple attention to a balanced diet and exercise I still look forward to sharing a bottle of wine and great food with friends. 'Strong is the new skinny' - I stay fit and toned lifting weights in a structured class choreographed with energizing music. I make use of the pool and love to walk, hike, and bicycle - especially with company. I've visited most of Europe, parts of Asia, Mexico and Hawaii, and enjoy seeing new places, and trying new things. Driving up the coast of California during a warm January, there were hundreds of Sea Lions with their new pups scooting and barking on the beach. Stopping at Hearst Castle along the way was the polar opposite experience but just as amazing. San Francisco always draws me in. Is it the BIG water and bridges? I've flown in a Mooney (not jumped out of), kayaked (just over to Captain Cook Memorial) and snorkeled in Hawaii and Mexico (have my own gear). Creativity is as natural to me as breathing, from arranging flowers, planting a garden, working with fabric or cooking a meal. I love the extra effort of adding special touches for others. An avid reader of fiction, memoirs, science articles, crime novels - anything goes if it's well written, from the quirky to the profound. I'm fascinated with science, and love art, plants and animals. I like adventure and action films, mysteries and foreign films; the new exhibits at SAM, Asian Art Museum or the Frye, TED Talks, Charlie Rose, Tom and Curley in the My taste in music is richly varied. Between my iPod, Pandora, concerts, live bands in small venues, or the symphony, music is a part of every day - singing along to fun lyrics or dancing to Bossa Nova. I believe in persistence, integrity, forgiveness and faith, doing the right thing, doing things well, being smart, being a little humble, having discretion, finding the funny in things, offering kindness to animals. In describing myself and some of my interests, I hope to capture your attention, a very special man - my best friend and partner in life. You are ardent in everything you do. You can work with your hands, tend an injured paw and cook a fabulous meal. You work and play with zeal and clean up sharp, and smell good! Maybe a little irreverent, but playful, and sometimes serious but more often with an easy smile on your face. You are good humored, with a quirky sense of humor - you laugh at my cornpone jokes -you're adventurous, confident, social, and emotionally brave - not afraid to show kindness, sweetness, sorrow and affection. You might have a different perspective, and help me see things through another lens. We match well in terms of energy, intellect and outlook, and we contribute whatever we can to both our lives. Our differences become an asset. Together, we resolve challenges and find solutions, and look at every day as an opportunity - for fun, adventure, a discovery, a new idea, affection, laughter - lots of smiles - togetherness, support and appreciation. Are you happy? Let's be happy together! If what you read here resonates, I'd like to hear from you! Warmly...

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