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Posted on 04/20/2009

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Im a guy... I lust like any other, and even more than most. Knowing how too please a woman is my specialty. Sometimes I seem shallow...but the way I see it is I know what I like in my friends and in my relationships. Hatred burns through my heart unfortunetly. The past will burn if you can\\\'t let go. I Can\\\'t go a day without picking up a guitar... Music is a passion I don\\\'t have time to fulfill, although we should always find time for our passions. My family is... My friends are... Well few sentences and words can describe how time passes some things away into the wind...We all have a story, mine is just a lil more interesting than some others. Grew up in a Small Town, Pop 3 thou. If u think incest doesn\\\'t exist...think again. Lol

I weigh bout 180. I would say 5\\\"9, 5\\\"10. I shave anything that bothers me...which is a lot of shaving I can say. average build? Id say so. Contact me if u want some photos. Not like I realy care. See 4 urself

What do I wear? What would I call it? (Who dfc realy?) Making this simple here...holey pants..a must! Overshirts...hells ya. Sneaks all da way. To some...shooting pants and shirts is crazy...I beg 2 diff

Honestly what am I look\\\'n for in a relationship?...right now all I realy care for is sex, I know how that goes, ands sounds like though. It realy depends on who/how it goes down. But I always go down on her first !=O. But 3 real lines?!? Lol ok. Im soooo lazy when it comes 2 typing on my sidekick...Roar! Let me tell you what im looking for. A female, who has a nice tan. Skinny, not like just skin and bones, oh hell no! Eek. Some of those wouldn\\\'t even of been sacrificed 2 mayan gods...unless they threw in 20 of\\\'m...heehe. If you know your attractive, that\'s all it takes. A good gurl, a bad gurl, even nasty ones...they all need friends. Peeps R Peeps, there all my friends. Even if im not interested. ~TiM~
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